The mobility exercises that will take your skiing to the next level!

Creating large angles whilst keeping weight on the outside ski requires good mobility and flexibility in your hip joints.

Mobility is often overlooked as one of the key physical reasons you may be struggling to reach your technical goals.

If you’re preparing yourself for a ski instructor’s exam, ski season, race training or even your family ski vacation, don’t just focus on the usual cardio program or leg and core work outs. While all of these components are necessary in helping improve your skiing it is also just as important to work on your mobility.

Through my experience working all over the world with ski racers, ski instructors and the average Joe in a ski lesson,

I have come to realize that mobility is a key factor in why people can’t perform desired positions on their skis.

I have had amazing results teaching athletic flexibility and mobility specific classes.

What will improved mobility do to my skiing?

Improve imbalances that often result in one turn being better than the other.

Train longer and harder — Improving mobility helps improve your functional movements patterns, which in turn makes your body more efficient in activating the correct muscles when skiing to help keep fatigue at bay.

Injury Prevention — With the correct movement patterns and better flexibility your chance of injury will dramatically decrease.

Reduced aches and pains after skiing on the hill — Improving your functional movement patterns will help your body move in the way its designed to leaving you feeling better at the end of a long day skiing.

Check out our recommended exercises in this video!

5 mobility exercises that will improve your skiing

This video contains 5 ski specific mobility excises. I have chosen to predominantly focus on the hip joint and back as they play such a key part in angulating and staying balanced in the turn. Which joints we use and the amount of mobility we require from the joints can vary because of turn shape and technique. However, no matter your turn shape or technique you will require always require allot of movement from your thoracic spine and hip.

When you next hit the gym incorporate these 5 mobility excises into your routine 4–5 times a weeks and reap the rewards when you hit the slopes!

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