The BEST tasting fried chicken: Chicken Wars!!!

Say your girlfriend or boyfriend just dumped you, or you’re having a long, stressful day. Right now, you don’t care about what the rest of the world thinks. All you want to do is wolf down a meal of steaming hot rice and two pieces of the best fried chicken you can dunk into a cup of thick, warm gravy.
We say, go ahead. You deserve it. The only question is, where do you go?
Right now we want to determine which fast food giant serves the best version of an all-time favorite among Filipinos: Fried Chicken. And by “best,” we mean the brand that scores the highest in terms of the chicken’s size, skin, meat, and the mandatory gravy, in relation to its price.

Let the fried chicken battle begin!

Serving Size:

Jollibee Chicken Joy: 
Max wt/pc — 90 grams
Max cal/pc — 380 cl

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken:
Max wt/pc — 100 grams
Max cal/pc — 310 cal

KFC Original Recipe Chicken:
Max wt/pc — 110 grams
Max cal/pc — 380 cal

Among the three fast food restaurants’ two-piece fried chicken meals, there is no clear winner. Each meal comes with one large piece, either a breast or thigh (the piece with the chicken butt; not to be mistaken with the drumstick), and one small piece, which could be a drumstick, a wing, or a rib with some of the neck still attached.

When it comes to size, all the larger fried chicken pieces from all three brands look the same: huge and breaded.

The Skin

To be honest, I don’t need a taste test (not even a blind taste test) to conclude that the “crispy-licious” skin of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy is the best among the three brands. But to be fair, I went through it anyway.

KFC’s chicken skin is salty and the only one with tartness to it. The texture can be too soft and soggy, and it just doesn’t taste, feel, or look like real chicken skin.

Flavor-wise, the skin on McDonald’s Crispy Fried Chicken is the saltiest among the three. But unlike KFC’s, the skin on the Chicken McDo is a better representation of real chicken skin. It’s at least easier to spot which part of the thing came from a real bird, and which are just huge lumps of yellow breading that crumble at the slightest touch.

In contrast, the skin on every Jollibee Chickenjoy has just the right combination of real skin and breading. Among the three, this one tastes and looks closest to natural. I also love the occasional bit of fat that comes with every pinch of this crispy covering.

The Meat

The chicken meat from each food chain are all very similar in terms of texture — juicy, soft, and tender.

Although KFC’s meat has areas that are still slightly pink, it turns out to be the most flavorful. Each bite tastes really good even without dipping it in gravy. On the other hand, the meat in Jollibee’s and McDo’s chicken breasts taste bland if eaten without any sauce.

The Gravy

We all love KFC’s magical gravy. It is thick and rich and has that perfect, very subtle kick of spiciness. Heck, we use it as sabaw and not just a dip.

However, I’ve also found that McDonald’s also deserves a bit of the spotlight when it comes to their fried chicken goo. Their gravy tastes smoky and has the perfect balance of saltiness and acidity. It also has the thickest consistency among the three, which makes keeping it on your fried chicken that much easier.

On the other hand, I’m quite disappointed with the gravy from Jollibee. It has a watery consistency and is a bit too tangy.

While I’m pleasantly surprised by McDo’s gravy, we can’t discount the blockbuster sauce from KFC.


Jollibee’s 2-Piece Chickenjoy Value Meal is priced at PHP 150. If you think you’re also getting more or less the same deal with McDonald’s 2-Piece Chicken McDo with Rice, think again. Their value meal sells at a whopping PHP 169. Seriously, what sorcery is this?

In any case, The KFC 2-Piece Chicken Combo Meal costs PHP 120. That’s a 30-peso difference from Jollibee and a 49-peso margin from McDonald’s.

The Verdict

Because KFC’s fried chicken meal offers the biggest serving, really tasty meat, and gravy to die for at the most affordable price. But the rest also offers a great taste. It is our own opinion or taste on what fried chicken we prefer the most.

So, the next time you’re torn among the three, let this be your fast food fried chicken manual. Of course, you’ll end up a bigger Jigglypuff or Snorlax, but who cares?


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