how Black organizing saved my life
Anthony J. Williams

I loved this. At the moment I am choosing to work outside of academia, and I am planning on leaving school for the time being, which a lot of my “peoples” see as reckless. They see me as this eccentric, artsy, rebel who is just being those things. But it’s so much more than that. I actually enjoy research, could probably somewhat excel in academia. But I *do* recognize the constraints. And I love my freedom too much. I also dislike some of the politics I have seen. For instance I have a Black Latina friend who cautioned me against publicly refuting another Black female scholar if I went into academia, even though I disagreed with her. I don’t like those kind of workplace politics.

I enjoy blending academic discourse with hood scholarship, and making this stuff easily absorbed by regular folks. I would love to get more involved in organizing and one way I have started is by participating in more conversation on Twitter about what’s going on in the sex work community. I am really enjoying being more involved in sex worker activism, especially since I don’t typically see a lot of women of color who are “out” and organizing. I want our voices to be heard.

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