The Nation just published a hit piece on three Black writers
Bridget Todd

I loved this post, it really has me thinking. I have been working on a piece about intellectual legitimacy and my personal fears about leaving college to pursue art and writing. I am very intelligent and informed, but i often feel less than because I lack the “necessary” academic credentials compared to some of my peers. I’m also a late bloomer in a sense, having taken a long break before going back to school, and being a single mother. A part of me still feels like without a degree I’m setting myself behind, especially as a black woman.

Then here we have three young, black writers who *do* have the creds and already have spectacular writing floating out here, and they are STILL being picked apart because they’re popular? Wow. The blatant racism should be astounding, but it’s not, is just extremely tiring and disappointing and frustrating.

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