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my art, my praxis, y todo: CW//nudity

So, I have started classes again for the last semester as I am looking toward monetizing my art and creating a parallel income stream with my camming. I am creating a webcomic and some digital pieces that I am hoping to sell prints of. Last I decided to spend 2017 creating a body of work that I am proud of. I decided that I want to do an exhibition, and in order to do that I need a good amount of work, preferably with a central theme or themes. My themes are: trauma, self, and loss.

there are other ways to die #1 by suprihmbe (2017)

This is one of my first finished pieces in this series. The crabs symbolize the Cancer sign. The candle is for Leo. Both my exes signs. My last ex loved Altoids. The books are a monument because they are one of the most permanent fixtures in my life. This is a digital piece, but I’ll be doing some acrylic and watercolor paintings as well.

I think it is important to reiterate that my suffering did spark this idea, but that I am creating art in spite of my suffering. Because had things kept going down the dark road they were going last year, I wouldn’t be here today, making art. My art is what saved me, and continuing to create in spite of what I have been through is a strength. I appreciate you all following me on this journey. I started a GoFundMe for my move — I have rent saved but I used all my furniture money to fix my car. So if you have a little to share, I’d really appreciate it. #GiveYourMoneyToBlackWomen

I would really like to have a chunk of money saved so I don’t have to worry too much. My son really only has me and I want to continue being healthy and taking care of him. My art and writing help my mental health tremendously, and I wanna keep doing them. I also would like to not have to work a job that I hate, and I feel like this is a good start. Thanks, loves.

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