Thank you
Hillary Clinton

I never thought I’d say this to a presidential candidate, let alone a person I’ve never met face to face, but for as long as I’ve watched and listened to you over the decades, for as tirelessly you’ve paved your path as a groundbreaking woman and public servant in the modern world, and for as long as you’ve inspired in me the strength of a thousand Gods, I feel like I want to say this to you: I miss you, Notorious HRC!

While the 2016 presidential campaign was extraordinarily and inexcusably long and costly and generally horrifying, it was — on the other hand — an opportunity to see for an extended period of time a powerful role model for women (for me!) in modern times. Watching you rise above irrational hatred so consistently and with such determination has inspired me personally to rise above my own setbacks, and I couldn’t be more sincere about that. Thank you and I hope you don’t take too much time off before you begin leading this country again! I’ve still got your back, Hillary Rodham Clinton!!

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