How I found my umbrella in the rains of Mumbai, when I had none...


What happens when a 22year old girl comes all alone from a small town to a city she has never been before and that too Mumbai which has already been so stereotyped in our heads (all thanks to Bollywood). I had heard so much about this city and my biggest fear as soon as I landed, was to look for a comfortable space. The space issues in Mumbai, the congestion and sky rocketing prices had been a quite heard and seen scenario all this while. Coming from the hills to incessant rains felt like a new and challenging experience.

It’s been raining heavily in Mumbai today. In fact it hasn’t stopped raining since morning. My umbrella has by now become my best friend in Mumbai. Believe me, these two months have taught me the vitality of an umbrella (I never felt its importance so much before in my life. Raincoats and umbrellas used to be just like some another thing for me). In fact there is a series of my Mumbai diaries which I like to call as ‘umbrella tales’. From helping an old lady near the railway station who was getting wet, or forgetting it in a shop in a hurry and running back to get it or not being able to close it in front of random people and embarrassing myself. There is so much that happened. But despite all this, it was always there with me. By now, you must be wondering why I am talking so much about this. Well basically, because it taught me something very important in life. We all have an umbrella in our lives. Sometimes literally and sometimes in the form of places or people who turn out to be a savior in the worst of storms, heavy rains and when we are lost in the middle of nowhere. Treebo somehow turned out to be my ‘umbrella’ in Mumbai on my very first day.

I booked this place in Bandra called the ‘Treebo Humming bird’ and expected it to be like an as usual Mumbai place. It was a ten minute walk from Bandra station and the entrance looked quite fancy. I received a warm welcome at the reception and was taken to my room. I was amazed by the amount of space and comfort this place had. It gave a very homely vibe and after a long journey, this was exactly what I was looking for. However my favorite part was the balcony view from where you could see the pace of the city, and still feel relaxed in your corner. It was my first time in the city of dreams and that too alone which made it all the more challenging for me. But thanks to ‘Treebo’ which made it so much easier. I was fascinated by how well maintained the guest house was and it had everything that you would look around for a comfortable home-like-stay. When you come to a city like Mumbai, there are a lot of challenges you have to face in terms of food and lodging, especially in your initial days. I was spared of this arduous task fortunately.

Treebo also has a crowd sourced quality audit program called Friends of Treebo. Anyone can register for it on . After successful registration, these Friends of Treebo can schedule free audit stays in any hotel on any date of their choice. And once you complete this audit stay and submit the audit form, you get another free night stay.

A place is not just a roof over your head but it is also about how memorable the experience was and the emotions you carry back. After doing an audit about my stay, I thanked myself for choosing Treebo. I could plan a vacation and not worry about my stay. I mean that could be so convenient. Well, the city which is labeled as the ‘celebration of survival strategies’ turned out to be quite different for me on my first day, where if I asked one man for directions, two more would gather and make sure that I reached my destination. ‘Humming bird’ was not just a stay in the heart of the city on a random rainy day, it was an emotion and an experience which will stay with me forever.