Sweetness of doing nothing…

Curled up on my brown couch, feeling the monsoon breeze that is swaying the curtains- for this long weekend I have precisely planned to do just nothing but enjoy the certainty of this time. It’s when in my consciousness, I am eating a bowl full of Nutella and not worrying about my calories, moreover loving the idea of feeling all good about myself. I have decided to skip chores, ignore work mails, stay home and savour the moment. Time seems slowed down and its refreshing to be at home with no set agenda and appreciate the simple things in life.

This kind of relaxation, we all yearn for- does not exist on the other side of a volcano, in a rare flower, or on a stark island. This exists within each one of us for the taking if we’re willing to put in the effort. Its basically getting rid of all the noise that surrounds us- the social networks, the reality TV seasons, it all fades away when we can just do nothing.

Few thoughts that are best experienced than explained:

- Discover the inner artist in you: Take a pen- sketch, write a poem or a story, practice guitar, try a new recipe. Taking the time out to cultivate your passion is relaxing and a good way to discover what is inspiring and beautiful around

- Take a nap: Close your eyes, listen to the birds and touch the grass with bare feet. This quiet moment of nothing can be profoundly healing.

- Skip chores: Take a break from daily chores imply that the world will not stop spinning if we pause the tasks for a while. Therefore hold on -breathe, take a stroll and let go of the guilt of not doing tasks at the moment.

- Taking Digital Sabbatical: For a while, turn off the social networks and release yourself from the mundane affairs.

Take your pick (and this includes):

  • Taking a midday nap
  • Laying in a hammock all day long
  • Enjoying a meal without anything to read or do
  • Laying on a mat in complete silence and do nothing for more than 15 minutes.
  • Making dinner listening to favourite music
  • Taking your palms in the pouring rain while listening to its sound
  • Taking a day off from work to do all of the above

Starting today, I’m aiming to practice more of “Dolce Far Niente” an italian proverb that explains “sweetness of doing nothing” by disconnecting myself more from technology and spending energy on things that either rejuvenate or inspire me. Believe it or not, there is a secret entrance to quietude from here.