Three words I wrote today!!

Hope. Faith. Perseverance. At the bottom of the white board that me and my friends put up, we etched these words. Let me walk you through things that made us write those words on our board. We have a startup called Fastpack and we let our services live a few weeks ago. Developing of the company has seen happy, sour and booming days. All five of us have worked hard till date and are nurturing this company with attention, compassion to make it big and with a lot of care to build it in the best way possible. Rapid delivery of packages from one place to another within a city is the main motto of our company. More about Fastpack in detail is written in this blog.

All five of us work in harmony and gel well with each other. We are friends first and then colleagues next. When any one of us is down in the dumps, the other 4 reach down lending their hands and we rise up together. We have each other’s back and are always ready to come in and go out with a pomp. Early days of working on the startup was fun for us. We were all learners and were not very experienced, but as days passed our confidence hyped up, we were no more amateurs. We made mistakes, learnt from them and grew stronger. Some days were filled with confusion, worries about placements stirred up thoughts about the future, convincing ourselves and our families held up the work towards the company’s growth. There was a fire that made things out of place for many days. As days passed, we started to pour our hearts out about difficulties that we faced and the mess in our head. This solved our problem. Communication, and letting your friends know about things that are affecting you solves so many things. Slowly, the fire started to dry out and we found ourselves working harder as a new fire had started in us…the one where we had to prove ourselves. HOPE that we are contributing to the world and changing it in our own way, FAITH that we have on the company and our friends is our strength to face any obstacle that comes our way, PERSEVERANCE of working towards bringing good name to the company and to prove ourselves….is what drives us to reach our aim.