Manicure Trends for Indian Wedding

Running a quick Google search for wedding manicure ideas ???

You’re likely to encounter a screen full of nude tones and French tips. Sure, there’s no going wrong with the classics, but you don’t have to rely on the tried-and-true if you’re trying to switch things up. Your wedding day manicure seems like something so small (and it really is in comparison to the whole day and the meaning of the celebration), but it still is something to think about during your wedding planning.

A woman’s wedding is usually one of the biggest days of her life.

With such a big occasion many factors are expected to be overlooked however the bride’s wedding nails should definitely be the best they can be.

We at HOLYNAILS,PUNE give you the exact way it should be. It would always be Perfect wedding nails for the bride or any brides maid. We have clear winners that promise to complement with every lehenga shade, and also look gorgeous against your engagement ring and hennaed hands.


Just because you don’t think of yourself as an experimental bride, does not mean you can’t have in on the fun. Make your bridal naked manicure extra special with a small update. Consider colour blocking — pick a nude that matches your skin tone, and team it up with a second shade of your choice

Amongst all the craziness of wedding planning, it can be easy to forget to choose a nail polish color. However, coordinating nails can add a extra touch of beauty and style! It can be that final detail that really pulls together the entire look. A perfect finishing touch on your wedding day!

Update with an Accent ! Yes, Be the Luxury you!

Instead of kitschy prints, lean towards nuanced designs using one accent like crystal or pearl application. Marry it with a neutral base or go with a vibrant hues in case you’re rooting for a ‘more is more’ appeal.

Try A Metallic Finish

Given that your big day calls for all things sparkly, it’s only fitting that the shimmer extends to your fingertips. While metallic finishes look fantastic, go beyond the conventional chrome spectrum. Pick from a sprinkling of silver stars and rose-gold disco balls to metallic foils and yellow gold cuticle stripes. Nail art using a gold foil overlay is an easy entry point, as is one with negative spaces. You can also try a metallic ombré manicure with each finger painted a different metallic shade.

Traditional Cream and Red !

The best photo with what looks like rhinestones. Each finger is unique yet sticking to the same nail color base and using glitter too. Red has also come in for being a very popular nail choice.

Need more inspiration? Check out our gallery now.

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