It’s good to know what we eat

So far we have focused on the economical aspect of the food purchase. However the price is not the only aspect we should focus on, we should inspect composition and quality as well.

Today, we deployed a new version of the Similarly to the Czech version, we have made a database of nutrition declarations for several thousands of UK products. Although, we don’t cover all products offered in the market, we’ve already covered the most popular ones and we are going to continue expanding the database.

Guideline Daily Amounts

Do you remember, how much calories, saturated fats or fiber you should consume every day?

We do not! Therefore we have decided to show you Guideline Daily Amounts along side to the raw values as well. There, you can see percentages of the recommended amounts of components for adults.

It’s interesting to inspect some foods in the context of the GDA. E.g. in the case you couldn’t resist temptation and you were consumed below stated Oreo Original Snack Pack, you would intake as much calories as 42% of the recommended daily amount and even 52% of fats. That’s more than a hearty lunch.

We recommend to inspect salts, sugars and fats in the following product categories:

Example of the nutrition declarations

That’s not all

Besides the nutrition information mentioned above, we have made several improvements in the web user interface.

All discounted flags over product images contain absolute discounted price now. It helps to orient you faster among discounts, because 10% discount from £1.75 melon is not the same as 10% discount from £50 whiskey.

Further, quantities of loosely sold goods (as fruits or vegetables are), were displayed as number of pieces only so far. It might be quite difficult to calculate the total quantity by hand. Therefore, quantities of all loosely sold goods are showed in the more common units as well.

What is total weight for four pieces of loose banana?