Sketch is Amazing!

I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, so getting my hands on a Mac was not feasible (They’re REALLY expensive). Since 2000, I’ve been using Microsoft OS and I was pretty much glued to it. Similarly, Adobe creative suite was also a part of my life for quite some time. When I heard about Sketch app at first, my first reaction was, “Ugh, it’s just for macs!”

I mean, I’m pretty competent with PS, and there are people who use PS for everything, so it can’t be that different…..right? Since I have a PC with me and I feel like a fish out of the water when I’m using a Mac, it will actually make things harder for me…..right? I kept giving myself different excuses not to try a different OS, a different device or a different software.

However, it changed. Me and my husband decided to build our own app. Should I stillllll stick with Photoshop? I had my doubts.

PS does not really render stuff in vector format. I find it really cumbersome to get things to match pixel perfection. All in all, it was simply too much work. Sketch, on the other hand, is made SPECIFICALLY for this task. So today, after hesitating for more than half a year after hearing about Sketch, I decided to give it a try and,

This is the BEST. UX. DESIGN. SOFTWARE. EVER!!!! I’m sold!!!

  1. I always found grids and guides to be a bit too distracting at times on PS. Maybe they should have a way to decrease the opacity and make them transparent or something. SKETCH. HAS. THAT. OPTION!!!
  2. Aligning things can get tricky. I’m an artist so most of the times, alignment and pixel perfection isn’t my thing. Sketch does it for me!
  3. All the pages/ screens I design are in one place.
  4. It renders stuff in SVG format. This is extremely helpful to the developers as well.
  5. Sketch has some sort of a partnership with Invision, a prototyping software, so things will be super easy when it comes to testing!

Damn, son. I’m sold on this software! So far, I’ve only done wireframes, but I get the feeling that mockups are going to look even nicer!

So, to all my fellow designers who are debating whether to switch to sketch from PS or not,

I know it’s for Macs, but I do know that you can use a PC and use a Hackintosh to run it. Just try it out. It’s awesome!


Former PS-based UX Designer

By the way, I still loooove photoshop and I’ll continue using it for my digital arts!

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