Vectors vs Borders: A hacker manifesto

Information is power !

With the dawn of the digital age and the uprising of global media this statement continues to testify to its own truth. With governments and private sectors investing unfathomable amounts of time and money in to the acquisition and retention of information, staying informed has become a defining factor of technological progress.

The nature of power is such that many crave it, and those in possession of it obsessively defend it. It is this struggle by governments and corporations to retain the monopoly on potentially disruptive information that has given birth to radicals who try to liberate or as commonly understood “unlawfully acquire” this resource of artificial scarcity.

one such scenario would be the unfortunate scenario of Aaron Swartz. The internet prodigy who’s life story became the autobiographical depiction of a martyr in the struggle for the freedom of information.

(for those who have time)

furthuer more many have taken to the presumably unlawful full acquisition of information in the form of global hacker movements.

one such collective would be the hive intellect known as anonymous. with their reach covering the globe the secrecy of its persona allows a membership from all walks of life that share the same ideology. there by giving uninhibited access to vast pools of knowledge that contain almost every professional background.

It is hear that we see the ultimate battle for the freedom of information. but Annoymous takes this movement to new hights with their intervention in global injustices. as seen by their involvement in the Syrian crisis where they inflicted significant damages to the Israeli defense network as a call out for justice.


Wark, M, 2006, A Hacker Manifesto

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