Nature warns us!

  • what is “our planet” and the “nature”?
  • How did our ancestors live closely with nature
  • Mechanical revolution & its negative impact on nature
  • challenges & natural hazards humans facing at present
  • “Mother nature” delivers a powerful message
  • Time to change
Red Indian chief Seattle (1786–1866)
  • misused natural resources to earn enormous amount of money without concerning the adverse effect on nature
  • emission of poisonous gases and chemicals
  • water, land and air pollution and adverse impact on living beings
  • crisis of polythene usage
  • humans getting killed by themselves by war due to unlimited desires
  • massacre animals brutally
  • people minds are filled with filthy emotions and feelings which has made them forget the spiritual side of life




Out of box thinker

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SL De Silva

SL De Silva

Out of box thinker

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