Growing Up!

Remember the times when we wish we grew up soon so that we will have all that freedom we desperately wanted? Are you liking it now? I doubt it. We have grown up to a point where we now clearly understand the term ‘careful what you wish for!’

We wish we could go back to those carefree days with not a single sense of responsibility over our shoulders, not having to think about ‘tomorrow’ before making decisions because once one party was done next was the after party!

We wish we had all that energy we had to do everything we could think of within 24 hours and yet continue after a few hours of sleep. Wondering where the hell that energy evaporated to? We wish we had all those friends and social circles who we were highly proud of because we thought we were famous among all. Had to keep the popularity going yes? So we were everywhere, everyday, attending all those gatherings, events, parties, concerts and what not?

We wish we could be as high/drunk as we wanted to get, never having a shortage in money to invest in getting high. We thought we didn’t have enough cash to get by but we did have enough because we spent on all of that on unnecessary things didn’t we? It’s not that we don’t have enough to spend on all necessary things (having grown up!). The regret of not having saved up when we can seems to be a bitter thought now isn’t it?

However, among all of this, we grew up. The inevitable happened as it would with all those who are in their teenage years. We begin to understand the true meaning of ‘responsibility’, ‘life’, ‘purpose’, ‘goals’ and what it means to ‘live for someone’. We begin to understand that we cannot forever live the carefree life when we begin to give priority to our well-being and goals in life. Sooner or later we begin to understand the importance of letting go of our comfort zones to take our lives to the next level and ultimately graduate in life and to keep doing so. When we realize the importance of this, we begin to accomplish many things, which would also mean letting go of insignificant things and people too.

We begin to realize that facing problems is part of growing up. Facing problems and overcoming them is similar to setting oneself on fire and being born once again from the ashes just like a Phoenix. We begin to realize that problems never end, but is part of our lives which we must embrace and constantly look for solutions. The more we become good at it, the easier it is for us to overcome obstacles easily and in less time. Experience is what matters. Through experience, we become more wise and the accumulated wisdom enables us to distinguish between illusion and reality; the truth vs false, the good vs the bad, the real vs the fake, etc. Meaning, to come out of the illusion we lived in as teenagers and to step into and accept the reality we are actually in and to make the best of it so that those who come after us will have a better life and a world to live.

We begin to value genuine relationships more and begin to cut down on insignificant people. Our friendship circles begin to grow smaller and smaller with time, as we believe we only want to be surrounded by those who only matter; those who will be there for you just as much as you would for them. We begin to look for the ideal partner; someone who we can form a deeper connection with, someone who we could relate with, someone who fits in as the missing piece of the complicated puzzle we all are.

All of this sounds boring and depressing. Yes it did for most of us when we heard or read anything close to this as teenagers. However, it is not all that bad is it? The fact that we have understood how life works and what we could expect from it with time, make life much easier. We know that this is how life is and so we tend to make the best out of it. We make better and well informed decisions as opposed to hasty and regretful decisions as teenagers. We know who we should associate and who we shouldn’t, how to maintain professional relationships, who to trust and who not to, what advice to give with confidence and which choices to make when there isn’t any sound advice to seek. We know what we want to do simply because we are in control of our lives now. We know that our actions and choices define who we are and what we do and where we will end up in, so we are fully ready to face the consequences of our actions rather than to be fully shocked and helpless as teenagers. We are not responsible to anyone but ourselves with having no one to answer to. Seems like we have more freedom than we did before with just a tiny pinch of responsibilities and overwhelming problems at the beginning on which we all become pros sooner or later.