From the moment we decided to found Modelo, we are pretty sure this is gonna be a very different “software” company.

Like Don Greenberg once said:

“I spent my life as a toolmaker. The architecture field is much to blame because they never put their creative input into what they want. That’s why you’re stuck with what you have now.”

I just don’t want to be stuck with whatever the CAD vendors offering me. Instead, I want to create my own tool that’s customized specifically for us — architects.

There are many things we have created along the way that line up with this vision and here is one more: ArchitectEffect, forget about Make2D in Rhino + Vray white model rendering, this will allow us to have the long desired effect in real-time!

Check it out.

Illustration for Modelo by Victo Ngai

The redemption to our laziness of being just a designer.

The client

Seven years ago, I did my internship at a New York-based architecture firm. At the time, I considered myself very lucky to have direct interactions with clients.

Every time before meeting a client, we would prepare a whole bunch of presentation materials including: renderings, diagrams, floor plans, elevation plans and section plans. But in almost every meeting we had, our clients always stuck with one or two renderings based on their criticism of them, and simply wouldn’t let go.

The only thing that helped was animations. Whenever the…

Front page of DesignCAD

Since I’m an architect by training, I think people construct this stereotypical image of me using pens and paper to design magnificent, detailed buildings. Although I’d like this vision to be true, it has its flaws. Instead, we architects intensively use computer software every day for creation. One type of software in particular is CAD (computer aided design), which you’ve probably heard of if you pursue 3D design, whether it be architecture, mechanical engineering, or industrial design.

CAD software has become a giant industry driven by design demand. But don’t get confused — even though the software is for designers…

Collaborative 3D Design with Modelo

The most rewarding aspect of 3D design and architecture is the constant state of creating. We thrive off of it. We’re called creatives for a reason. But, as we also know, being a 3D artist ain’t all fun and games.

Although constant creation is rewarding, it’s also pretty damn stressful. Having to manage several iterations of different designs becomes overwhelming, especially when you’re simultaneously receiving feedback from your client, peers, or professors. …

Hi everyone, first of all, congratulations! I feel great to be back here,although my company is not far from GSD at all.

I am pretty surprised when I was invited to give this speech, because I still feel like I’ve just graduated. But actually it has been two years already.

Just a short intro about myself, I graduated from GSD in 2013 from the Mdess technology program, and since then I have been doing my company called Modelo, it is an online 3d design collaboration and management platform.

Today, I would like to talk about two things, the first is…

Qi Su

founder of Modelo( A challenge lover.

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