What Is myGate: Getting To The Core Of Apartment Security

Most people buy homes in gated communities and are assured that the security systems provided by the management take care of all their safety needs. However, according to some reliable sources, thieves, burglars and intruders mark gated communities on the top of their list because the residents tend to have a more relaxed approach towards security since they trust the security systems offered by the community.

This confidence and security is not well founded because the method of making traditional register entries for everyone who steps in-out of the gates of these posh societies is cumbersome and prone to human error. To add to this issue, there is no means of confirming the identity of the person entering the community, thus increasing the security risks for the apartment owners.

Once an intruder gets past the gate, there is very little that one can do to stop him/her from entering the house or causing some damage. Hence the most integral part of a security system is to stop unexpected people right at the gate. While security guards are doing their bit in securing the residents, with the number of houses in every community growing rapidly, the scope of errors leading to irreparable damages tend to creep in.

Here is when myGate bridges the gap between the current and the desired security levels, by using technology to create a secure environment for the residents. With this intelligent security solution in play, the residents are offered an option of deciding who enters the premises of their homes right at the gate, eliminating a major source of threat by warding off unwanted people. myGate also offers other features that enable the process at the gate to not only be faster with the use of technology but also informs the inhabitants when a visitor enters the locality. This is not all, myGate has many other features that help us in achieving our common vision to enable digital and smart security for gated communities. In the further articles, we will discuss every feature of myGate in detail and the crucial role we as a team are playing to create a safe environment for people.

myGate offers a host of other features that helps in easy living for the residents. It is already deployed at over 100+ communities in India and this number only seems to be increasing. With customers like Adarsh, Shobha, Mantri and Salarpuria among the many others, myGate is latching its roots in the security space of the gated communities in the country rapidly. To know more about how myGate can help you in building a safe society, do click on the link below and we will be happy to come down for a free demo.