Attention Whores and Label Makers


I have a slight problem, it’s called being NOF — Naively Over Familiar, when I meet a person I talk to them like I know them since years, I believe the world is my fam (short for family, I write for all age groups), also because my actual fam gets tired of me from time to time, I am in constant need of a newer fam.

Anyhow back to being NOF, I go to this party, I am in a particularly happy state of mind, I see some acquaintances, chat them up, and end up sharing way more information than what they asked for or care about, also there is the bro slap on the back, they are justifiably scandalized, what I did was far worse than being a suicide bomber from Syria.

A few days later, I was told by my well-wishers, that at the party and in general, I was and am considered to be an attention whore. Now first thing that I did was cried, tears of happiness, went to the temple, offered 20 bucks, and said, thank you god, thank you for making me significant enough to be gossiped about.

Which also led to the realization that we have become very efficient and creative at labelling people, earlier it took at least one long conversation to figure someone out, but now we don’t waste all that time, as soon as we see someone, one look at the face, clothes, posture, mannerisms, even the phone they have and we know what kind of a person he or she is, we are that good at judging. And I would like to call all such talented people, the label makers.

You are sitting quietly in the corner, minding your own business, khachakkk the label maker tears the tag that reads boring, sticks it right to your head. Are you expressing your thoughts clearly and firmly? The label maker quietly picks up the dominating tag and hangs it around your head. You are sad or wait worse you cried in public zzrzzrrzz, printing the large depressed poster to stick behind your back. Talking to too many boys, what’s that a cleavage, tap tap tap, the label maker just changed your name on their phone to slut. Oh and don’t even try to talk a lot, dance like nobody is watching or being friendly, flutter flutter flutter, do you hear that, that is the flag the label maker placed right above you head, anointing you the queen (or king) of attention land.

The label makers are very good at what they do, they make you believe that you deserve to be labelled, and as many times as you try to remove your label they will come stick it right back, they even appoint the special services of prejudice, so that other people continue to label you in their absence. It’s an infallible system, with only one loophole, the existence of accepting people.

Please let’s make full use of this loophole, the only way to get rid of label makers is to become an accepting person and then slowly spread accept-ism. Let’s build an army of accepters, and give all accepters one simple task, remove the labels, turn them around, write “judgmental bitch” on top and respectfully stick it on the mouths of the label makers.

Also special loving advice to all the attention whores, keep going, someday somebody is bound to notice!

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