Famous Isaan Food is Larb Mhoo.

Cooking Larb Mhoo (Spicy Minced Pork Salad)

Larb Mhoo (ลาบหมู) is always famous food all the time in Thailand, which is can find several style in North of Thailand and Isaan(northeast) of Thailand, and today I’ll show you how to cooking Larb Mhoo in Isaan style. This version from my father-in-law, whose can cook Isaan food very very well!


  • toasted sticky rice (Thai sticky only! no jasmin or whatever)
  • chilli powder
  • fish sauce
  • minced Pork (You can use chicken, beaf, squid or what meat which you want)
  • pork liver, pork intestines, pork skin (all are options. but my father-in-law version usually use.)
  • shallots
  • green onions
  • corianders
  • chillies
  • lemongrass
  • leaves of kaffir lime (you can buy chillies, lemongrass and kaffir lime in once in Thai fresh market and go to vegeteble stall and look for “Krueng Tom Yum (เครื่องต้มยำ)”)
  • leaves of sweet basil
  • limes
all vegetables that use for cooking Larb

Side Dish Vegetables

  • cucumbers, long beans or whatever vegetables you want.


  • first, put some water and “Krueng Tom Yum unless chilly” to pot and heat, wait to water is boiled and then add all of meats except minced pork and wait for all cooked.
boil all meats.
  • once all meats is cooked, pick all meats up and slice it to size you want and leave it.
sliced pork skin and sliced pork intestines
  • and now it’s time for minced pork!, in another pot, put minced pork and some water which used to boiled meats and fry with medium heat until minced pork turn the color from red to yellow, and then take the pot from heat and add sliced pork liver and sliced pork skin.
  • it’s final step, time for seasoning, you can season for the style you like, love sour, love salt but not sweet in Isaan food, add some fish sauce, chilli powder, toasted sticky rice , squeeze the limes, sliced coriander, sliced green onions and sliced shallots and then mixing in all.
  • put all Larb Mhoo in dish then sprinkle with sweet basil leaves, beside with side-dish vegetables, eat with sticky rice, and now it’s time to enjoy the famous Isaan Thai Food!
my version
my father-in-law version

Tips: my father-in-law told me that the secret is don’t use just water when cooking minced pork, but better if we use water from boiled meats because it’s give a sweet from nature And side-dish vegetables you need to keep it in refrigerator before eat.

I hope you enjoy this recepie and see you next time.