The language of world dominion

What you’re about to read below may change how you see the English language.

Let me start by saying…

In today’s world anyone who wishes to communicate internationally, speaks English. But did it occur to you that maybe it was a plot by the victors that this language be accepted as the international language?

Maybe the controlling of different civilisations by the British was with the intention that the few remaining civilisations which spoke trans-formative languages would begin to shy away from communicating in their own language and accept a foreign language as a language of pride. This would enable anyone who wants world dominion to achieve success even with mediocre methods of control. That is because the native languages were very powerful in bringing transformation and replacing that with a language like English would make enslavement easy. Today science has conducted several studies and tests to come to a conclusion that any language which has a larger range of vocabulary increases intelligence of the speaker even if he/she simply communicates in the language.

In case you haven’t come across people from parts of Bhārat where people have spent majority of their lives communicating in Sanskrit, Kannada or any other language on which Sanskrit has the highest level of impact, even when they do not have formal education, the level of intelligence they show is remarkable. The same goes for people from other places who have languages with a larger range of vocabulary and have been among the oldest of civilisations. English is a language that has multiple words sounding the same but meaning something completely different. With a language like this, you can make people do things and make them think they are doing it with their own free will.

Kingdoms from lands that United Kingdom occupied (in order from left to right: Yemen, Egypt and Africa).

Capturing of different places by the British could have been a plan by either themselves or someone who was/is in control of their nation in order to make everyone speak English so that people are easily controlled. You probably don’t even realise that English can be used to send subliminal messages to you and you will do things someone else wants you to do, thinking you want to do it and that it was your idea.

Don’t believe me?

Consider this…

The word ‘Soldier’ is made up of Sold+Dier. Meaning, someone who is sold to die.

The word ‘morning’ sounds similar to ‘mourning’. So you say, “Good morning” to someone but if you know Neuro Linguistic Programming(An approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy) you could make them feel like they’re going to be mourning today.

The word ‘Weekend’ sounds similar to ‘weakened’. Meaning you have worked throughout the week so that you feel weak and then you’re finally weakened as you reach the weekend.

Money has a lot to do with the sea and that’s a whole different topic. But here’s a glimpse…

Currency sounds similar to current+sea. Meaning the currents of the sea are always present in the sea. The sea meaning our society. The rivers have banks. We have banks too. The banks will always have deposits made in them.

The word ‘understand’ comes from the principle of how a building is made. If you build a multi storey building, you go to the floor above you to check if the floor can handle enough weight and if you can ‘stand’ ‘under’ it. Do you ‘understand’?

If you have the right tools, the English language can be used as a tool to change the course of the world. It’s up to you to choose rubble by destroying a building or to build one with it.

Set people free…

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