Cannon - A Destruction Weapon & A Teacher

As we all know, Cannon is a piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other usually explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile, which may or may not be explosive.

Cannon is an ultimate war machine which changed the course of War history, but if we take a closer look at cannon from a different angle it is a lot more than a destruction machine, let’s take a look at the working of Cannon & check what it teaches.

When a projectile is pushed into bore filled with propellant & torched, a huge explosion occurs in bore due to burning of propellant which creates gases pushing the projectile outward. Now, here is our first lesson of life from Cannon ‘to make most of us, we have to burn entirely (it means to dedicate entirely by doing the hard work)’, to hit target hard & with the power we need extra propellant, which means extra hard work & dedication.

Let’s go to the second phase, when a projectile is fired it force cannon to move backward (recoil) here is the second lesson ‘Whenever we are going for a big one, we may fall back, but not to worry’, now the longer the projectile has to be fired longer will be its recoil. So, never give up if you fall back while going for big one it’s just a phenomena.

Cannons are less mobile & expensive to operate & so deployed only when required like for special target. It gets very less chances to bring down its target as every shot is expensive, so Cannon & its crew have to alert & precise for every shot they fire. Here comes our third lesson ‘Life gives you few opportunities to prove yourself, so don’t take any of it for granted, deal with every opportunity equally & with same precision & alertness ’. More effectively you prove yourself, more chances are there for you to sustain yourself in this high competition world & that is what cannon do in war-field by eliminating as much as an enemy by their tremendous power.

Now, one the last lesson Cannon teaches us is here. Cannon is built to bring someone down by utilizing all its power & even sometimes more than its capability, but by doing so it slowly erodes its self & makes it useless & letting it to disband. Same is the case with yourself too, sometimes we give more than our capability & end up harming yourself & face losses. So, the lesson is ‘ Know your capability & act accordingly, upgrade our self time to time, but slowly’, this is what cannon does, by new learning they are always upgraded time to time, so that they can deal with new targets.

This is the few lessons which I learned from my teacher ‘Cannon’.

At last I will like recall one quote of Napoleon Bonaparte,

God fights on the side with the best artillery.

— Napoleon Bonaparte

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