I’m Done Pretending Silicon Valley Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

Come to India and this is just the surface of the problems. The startups here are just copying western products, but it is not what they say, “ Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Startups who raise money like the ecommerce companies pay way too much attention to superficial things (logo, branding, fancy packaging) and they take nearly 1+week to deliver any good. They take 2months and an endless debate on twitter to refund money and that too, they do via snail mail, which, in itself takes nearly two weeks. No wonder Amazon is considerably ahead in that race. They care about customers! They have a great product and users have a great experience when they use Amazon.

While doing this, they totally forget things which matter, like building a great product which users love, giving a great experience, no, for them all that matters is branding and the stupid Logo.

A startup recently “rebranded” itself. I am just amazed at how the board of directors approved that plan, considering that they are the board of directors. how can you approve a plan to send millions just to change logos and make a few adverts. When, in fact that money would have been well spent on optimising delivery and giving a great experience.

It is just sad.

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