It’s my summer vacation, back to 2018. I completed my 10th. after a few days in my relatives’ home (In Village) I got some pimples on my face for the first time!! I don’t care about that because I don’t know in the future it will increase!!

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Having acne on the face it’s normal but having a huge amount of them it’s not good at all. when I come back my home from there. my school started, day by day my acne/pimples are increasing and my clear face going to be an ugly face.

My friends telling me “Hey bro, you should take treatment for this”. after this compliments from friends I started watching videos about how to get rid of acne. …


Suraj Rathod

I’m a BCA 1st year student. i like writing and expressing my perspectives. i’m a computer geek. i also share my coding knowledge here.

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