Happiness comes from Detachment but does it necessary to detach our self?

Statement : The true feeling of happiness comes when we are not attached to anything including a person or idea. “Detachment” helps in reducing the formation of psychological knots in the brain. These knots are produced when the brain is not able to resolve properly the mismatch between expectations and reality so that permanent neural pathways or memories are formed.

Answer: There is no question of detachment in our life as, we all are source and energy of that supreme soul called "Nature". Our birth on this planet is not bought by anyone. We all had been created for a purpose to serve the society. For example: we buy goods and services for our self as per our usage, Right

But do we create or do we have power and will to create something for everyone in our society (which is beyond religion, shape, size, location or creature) There is only one supreme soul (infinite) who created nature, human being, animals, insect etc.

If, we accept the fact that everything which is visible or invisible is created by a supreme soul and perform our jobs/duties without any expectation or result like tree, animals, insects etc. THEN there will be no question of DETACHMENT because our contribution is as equal as any other creature in this universe.