Startup Weekend Trichy — Edition 4.0

If you already are aware of Startup Weekend Trichy, that E-Cell NIT Trichy conducts in association with CEDI-Sonata Entrepreneurship fund, Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs, here’s the SWT registration link. And below is a short trailer for the same.

However, If you are new to SWT and wondering what it is, please read on.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones that actually do.”

Kicking off with that quote from the widely adored Steve Jobs, it would be interesting to mention that, today, we live in a generation where we have an increasing number of people who want to change the world.

And that’s a good thing. The number of resources that lets people dream and at the same time, pursue their dreams is much greater than ever before in history. As famously quoted, “Small drops create the vast ocean.”, it is the collective work of these people who dream and wish to create an impact that has led to the beautiful society we live in today.

This is somewhat closely related to an economic theory proposed by Adam Smith, the father of economics, who states that a step forward of each individual towards his or her self-interest leads to an overall welfare of the society. This, he calls it the ‘invisible hand’.

There’s another growing trend in our era which none of our forefathers would have ever faced; social connectivity. A higher number of people want to get connected, they want to interact and network with like minded people for both growth purposes, and also for personal satisfaction.

Our technology has just killed it with our generation when in it comes to social networking. However, it isn’t only the technology that has helped people come together, but it’s the general psychology of the people itself which has made people more open minded and welcome to new connections.

E-Cell NIT Trichy is a student run organization comprising of some of the most vivacious, ambitious and hardworking students who have come together with the common aim of promoting entrepreneurship at both at the campus and national level. One of the most zealous of the plethora of initiatives it undertakes is the Startup Weekend, which a three day-and-night long event that is bound to push its participants to their limits.

Startup Weekend commenced its massive journey in the year of 2007 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.

Startup Weekend at its core has always believed in the power of people, and the magic of teamwork. It has always worked towards its core mission; bringing people together.

Startup Weekend is an event which takes place every year, and as the name implies, during a weekend over 150 countries. It is the place where aspiring entrepreneurs with or without an idea, come together to pitch, form a team, bond with them and work on a single idea for 54 hours.

On day one, all those with an idea make their one-minute pitch and the best ones get shortlisted for the further phases. This is followed by team formation where each individual can join the idea he or she is interested in. The new teams are given a splendid atmosphere to bond with their teammates and to work all around the clock. Day 2 sees the mentoring sessions, where established startup experts come, sit along with the young teams to support them in their venture. By the end of Day 3, each team ought to come up with a minimum viable product which they shall pitch in front of a panel of investors, following which the prize distribution takes place.

Of course, anyone who attends Startup Weekend in association with CEDI-Sonata Entrepreneurship fund, Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs, is bound to witness an ambiance blooming with energy, meet great people, work on stuff the individual loves, an air brimming with fun, and yes, numerous perks one just can not refuse. For example, last year in Startup Weekend Trichy, we had unlimited coke, sumptuous meals, extreme WiFi, a free T-Shirt, a domain name, free cloud storage and the list goes on.

But, Startup weekend is something beyond all that.

Yes, the learning experience is one thing that’s always been of tremendous value to anyone who attends the event. However, at the end of the day, it is the bonds that one makes during these three days that matter the most.

For anyone who has attended Startup Weekend, the response has always been great, where people get to know about the entrepreneurial culture they would not have experienced before.

Working on a single idea for three days and nights pushes the individuals to their limits and lets them discover their potential and skills they wouldn’t have been aware of till then. It isn’t only about the business aspects that one learns during this journey. Skills like teamwork, working under pressure, tackling challenging situations, networking; basically, an endless number of soft skills is something that each participant is cherished with at the end of each SW apart from the precious memories.

“Life is full of surprises. You never know whom you meet can change your entire life.”- Anonymous

E-Cell at its core exists to foster entrepreneurship on a large scale. Startup Weekend is one such event which has helped us take a step further towards this mission. The first edition of Startup Weekend in NIT Trichy, was three years back, under the name ‘Startup Weekend Trichy’. Ever since its inception, SWT has been witnessing leaps and bounds each year. Be it the turnover, the expansion, the scale at which it happens, or just the overall experience, SWT has always seen a stupendous growth from its successor year.

This year will experience the fourth edition of Startup Weekend Trichy, SWT 4.0.

As always, the students at E-Cell will strike an enormous endeavor to make the event much bigger than it ever was. We at E-Cell, just cannot wait to witness the effort coming alive with our own eyes.

E-Cell NIT Trichy and Startup Weekend Trichy have worked hand in hand for the past three years and have been immensely successful in our voyage. It always gives us a chill of exhilaration when we think about its future and the role we play in the individuals’ lives to help them create new bonds, a massive learning experience and memories they could cherish forever.

As for the conclusion, we would like to end it with our motto at Startup Weekend Trichy where “The Team is greater than the Idea.”

Now, enough said, here’s the registration link again for the upcoming SWT. To enquire more about SWT this year in association with CEDI-Sonata Entrepreneurship fund, Techstars and Google for Entrepreneurs, and all other entrepreneurial initiatives of E-Cell NIT Trichy, click here.