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I’m Sura, software engineer, artist and mother for 2 children under 3 years. I gave birth to my second child in the start of the lockdown.

In one end doing my work which is art and software engineering require a lot of attention and time to keep up with everything going on.

In another end, there’s a push for parents to do everything the right way the natural way so children can be happy. Like babies should be breastfed, cooking food for them at home, limited screen time.

Juggling work like programming, cooking, doing laundry, arrange appointments, picking phone calls… etc it feels like I’m a spider with many limbs.

I hope this brings more perspective what mothers are like behind the scene.

Striving to be a successful woman, at the same time the most important thing is to make your children happy 😊

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2013 January, from my diary series... imperfection.me

In the 21st century we are often obsessed with looking and sounding perfect. Sometimes we forget about being our genuine self.

My imperfect art comes straight from the heart. It is mostly inspiration from real life experiences or genuine people that deeply touch me.

As a woman from the Middle-East who was born and raised in Iraq, I witnessed three wars, fought to finish education, moved from country to country, worked on refugee camps, and got to Canada and started a new journey. …

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  • Getting grounded not floating by my thoughts
  • Taking a moment to feel compassion. Letting go any burden you carry on your shoulder towards yourself and others. Basically accepting what is
  • Gratitude: feeling gratitude towards what you have or maybe something you look forward to have like an amazing breakfast, cup of tea, cuddle with your baby, a phone call with your sister..etc
  • Journal: write down what your goals for the day or just how you feel
  • Nourishing body and mind with yoga or/and meditation. Meditate or just get moving with some form exercise
  • Eat an amazing breakfast you have the whole day to burn it
  • You can complement it with a walk

There has been a protest in Iraq from the end of October and still happening. The protest has one intention is hope for a better future. The protesters are asking for the current corrupted government to step down.

Hundreds of protesters have been killed by government soldiers they use for example tear gas cans and throw them at protesters so as they do cruel shooting. That still didn’t stop the courageous protesters.. The world is witnessing such courage by Iraqi

For first time women are taking a big part of a protest in Iraq. There’s a female doctor (Dr.Reem) she risked her life gripping to the edge of the bridge hiding from government soldiers so she can cross to the other side to save an injured protester. …

First, choose a name. Choose a name that reflects what you do and doesn’t change with time.

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Secondly, choose a domain. Be original like be-original.com beoriginal.ca

My long hair was part of me, my character it was so precious to me. I hope it will bring some normal and joy to another girl. 14 inches of my hair was cut and will be going to #LittlePrincessCharity

I feel my experience of donating hair was therapeutic. Sharing your resources is one of the most rewarding feelings you can ever experience.

Sura Karnawi donating hair
Sura Karnawi donating hair

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I get asked a lot about what is the process of building a website, or as client what I need to be aware of to make decisions on building a fantastic website. So I put together this blog.

Before getting started with building a website you need to have clarity about your business to answer following questions:

1. What does your business actually do?

2. What do you want your site to accomplish?

3. What makes your company remarkable?

4. Who exactly are your customers/audience and what are their pains and how you want to help them?

5. What websites do you like and why? …

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When someone shares something with you do you worry about saying the right thing or being helpful?
Sometimes the most profound answer is not even in words, a hug, a supportive touch of hand, in other words I feel you. Because when we share what we look for is connection rather than an answer to our problem.
Beautiful lecture from Brene Brown.

I’m looking forward to buy her new book Rising Strong

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I have been vegan on Sundays for the last 10 years. I have been so committed to this dietary habit. A couple of years ago it was my engagement party and there was some amazing food but I didn’t change my routine and I stayed vegetarian that day. Actually having that routine has some benefits here are some of them:

Detox: When you go vegan you will prefer eating healthy fresh meals. Most likely you will make your meals from scratch and you’d need the mostly basic ingredients. You will detox your body!

Self-Discipline: When you have this routine and be committed to it through out the weeks, months and years, then congratulations you have trained yourself to have self discipline. …


Sura Karnawi

I feel the more I live the more I become convinced I don’t need more knowledge, materials or anything I just need more open heart & open mind to people & ideas

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