Securypto and its Quest to Redefine Security .

Ronak Surana
Nov 5, 2018 · 4 min read

When it comes to security, there is always something to upgrade. According to past records, combining different technologies together has always proven to significantly increase the disruption as well as the value proposition than what was offered by individual technologies.

Blend of software and hardware has always been considered the best security solution till now. But, what if Blockchain technology is added to this disruptive mixture? Inspired by the above principle of blending technologies together, Securypto redefines the security and takes it to the next level by combining Hardware, Software and Blockchain technology for the first time. This not only provides unmatched security and privacy due to use of advanced encryption protocol, but also makes the platform trustless and transparent due to blockchain technology being present at its core.

Well, the question remains. What exactly is Securypto?

Securypto is a blockchain based project that is focused on anonymous storage and transfer of encrypted data, anonymous messaging as well as at monetizing anonymous content distribution.

All achieved by a well balanced combination of hardware, software and blockchain technology. Not only that, use of blockchain technology has enabled Securypto to provide transparency as well as an extra layer of security to its system. Moreover Securypto is open source. Hence, it can be redistributed and modified by its users.

The Dedicated Hardware — DigiSafeGuard

The dedicated hardware that is designed to work with securypto protocol is called DigiSafeGuard(DSG). It not only acts as a hardware wallet, but has many more advanced features built within it. DSG is built with AES 256 bits encryption which is considered to be unbreakable according to theory. Its an offline device and hence doesn’t have any connection to outside world in order to be hacked or be compromised. Moreover RSA 4096 key is phase protected and is generated on device itself. All this advanced encryption system when combined with securypto software and blockchain gives birth to ultimate Security as well as privacy solution.

Some of the features of DSG are listed below :

  1. Anonymous Encrypted messaging.
  2. Anonymous Encrypted file transfer.
  3. Two factor authentication and Login management.
  4. Standalone Data Encryption device.
  5. Hardware Data vault.

(For detailed info. on features and use cases of DigiSafeGuard device please visit


Securypto software is designed by keeping in mind some key features such as user-friendliness, open source, privacy and of course security. Securypto is not only compatible with DigiSafeGuard, but is also available to run on Linux, Windows, Android and IOS.

Therefore, any Smartphone or PC can be converted into a security vault using Securypto software. Now, you dont have to be worried about your mobile apps having any backdoors, as Securypto protects your data and privacy and keeps it safe by encryption.


Trusting third parties has always been a big concern among people as it compromises the privacy of users. Use of blockchain technology enables Securypto to remain trustless, secure and transparent.

It also creates scope for paid content management, thus enabling its users to get rewarded for their uploaded content.

Securypto blockchain is based on PIVX using zerocoin protocol which maintains user’s privacy using masternodes and staking principles. Thus, blockchain adds another privacy layer on top of all the functions of Securypto, wouldn’t you agree?

Securypto Coin (SCU)

As most of the other blockchain based project, Securypto is also launching its native cryptocurrency coin called Securypto coin or SCU. It is a utility token that is required to transfer encrypted data anonymously on Securypto blockchain platform and for monetizing content management. SCU is ERC-20 token. Upon switching from TestNet to MainNet, SCU tokens will be swapped for SCU coins.

Details on Airdrop, Pre-sale and Bounty program

Securypto has recently launched its airdrop program. ANN thread can be found in bitcointalk forum. (Link is given below)

Securypto has launched its bounty program. To participate and stay updated on the same visit and join/follow them on social media. (Links are given below) (Bounty thread) (telegram group) (twitter ) (Instagram page) (Facebook page)

Pre-sale starts on 3rd December 2018. Stay tuned for more updates on private sale, pre-sale and ICO-schedules.

For more information on Securypto project visit the following links:

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