Dear Mommies, Please learn to trust me. Sincerely, Your child’s doctor

by: Suraya Dewan | April 17, 2016

Mommy bloggers have a lot to say. They mean well for all of the other mothers who look on the Internet to look for advice on things that can be good/bad for their children.

Some of the things aren’t entirely true, but it spreads to other mommies and soon enough it becomes a huge deal, unless it is proven wrong. For example, my older sister recently became a mother and she read online that Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder caused cancer. Being a mother, my sister was paranoid for days about using the product. I told her, “If it really did give cancer, then I’m pretty sure it would’ve been all over the news, since it’s a huge company”.

My point is, even though a mommy may blog this issue she discovered, that concerns many moms, the Internet focuses on how wrong women are about many things. There is so much gender inequality around the entire world, and the Internet encourages it even more. Mommy bloggers and other women aren’t always wrong! Everyone is always making mistakes, including men.

People like Dr. Sue Black deserves justice and the opportunity to point out when a women is being discriminated online or in the real world!