The top 3 things I’ll miss about San Francisco

Living in San Francisco for 3 months has been an incredible experience. It’s my first time living on the west coast (though not visiting) on my own. Now that my time in San Francisco is coming to a close, there are a couple of things I’ve grown to love about this city that I know I can’t get anywhere else.

  1. Philz Coffee
    Philz Coffee has become a weekly treat for me. Even though it’s $4, it’s the only coffee that’s actually worth the price. Each cup is made to your specifications, and each cup takes time, so plan to wait. My favorite thing to get is the Philtered Soul, which is a medium roast coffee. I get it over ice with medium cream and no sugar and it tastes like a chocolate-y hazelnutty dream come true. Philz :’( 10/10 would recommend
  2. The park! Any park, all parks. Alamo Square park in particular.
    I spent so much of my time during the weekend at the park, which was something I never did before, despite going to school on one of the most beautiful campuses. I’ll miss having the park in my backyard, and having it full of people, dogs, and excitement. Going to the park was always like waiting for something to happen. People were camped out, playing music, laying in the sun, and having a blast doing nothing at all.
  3. Everything is just an Uber or Lyft away!
    Uber and Lyft here is so cheap; I’ve never spent more than $7 on a ride from anywhere in the city. At home I have a car, but it’s been so nice having someone else drive me around for a few bucks. It always beat taking muni and walking at night or in the cold.

Things I’ll miss that didn’t make the list: Free WiFi everywhere (because it doesn’t always work), apps and delivery services for everything (though usually expensive, it makes life so much easier), and the Buzzstarter office dog, Callie (she’s so cute and happy and loving).

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