Top 3 Things about San Francisco I can’t wait to never experience again

  1. Lack of diversity/culture, wage gaps, gentrification
    While San Francisco boasts about their culture, most of the people who pioneered the different San Francisco neighborhoods have been run out due to gentrification and rent inflation. What remains is a bastardized version of culture. Trendy coffee shops and boutiques align every neighborhood. There’s a ton of street art, but it doesn’t mean there’s culture here.
  2. The Homeless smell ☹
    The smell of poop, stale piss, and who knows what else lingers on the streets. When I first moved here, I was told that you could tell where a homeless person has slept because the smell lingers. It’s so true, and it hits you in the face. Most of the time you can assume where they’ve slept, but every now and then you’ll turn the corner and get a whif of the stale urine that hasn’t been washed away since San Francisco hardly gets any rain.
  3. Prices
    I can’t believe I willingly paid $4 for coffee, $3 for a bagel and cream cheese, and $12 for food from a food truck. I guess you could say I wanted to experience all that San Francisco had to offer, and I went broke doing it. However, I can guarantee that I never have and never will buy a $6 box of Cheerios.

This list makes me feel a little bit better about moving back to the midwest ( for now). I can’t wait for low sales tax, being able to sit in a restaurant for free after saying I wanted my food ‘to go’. I know. So Ohio.

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