Wanna change your daily look but not the Outfits…Here are the 12 mantras!!

This is a story of a shopaholic turned fashion diva minus the shopping!! Well, we Girls dream of looking sexy and different every day, and I was one of them too. And so, like all of us, I would splurge on picking new things that would glamorize my wardrobe. Shop shop till you drop was my motto until I sat under that Bodhi tree in DLF Emporio and got enlighten….well nahh, nothing of that sort happened What happened actually was my wardrobe went out of space:D and so I became wise and started finding tips and tricks to look beautiful without buying new things So today I am sharing these tips to save “The beauties in distress”. Try these and you won’t have to buy new outfit every now and then.


Carry a sexy bag that goes with your simple outfit. If you want to give yourself a bold look then you should go for dark and bright colours of your choice (If you don’t have one then borrow one from your Mom). If you want a professional look then you may go for beige or a brown shade, even grey will work. But don’t forget to pair it with your shoes which bring me to my next point.


Shoes and Heels are an awesome way to give you a stunning look; be it a party, a casual occasion or a meeting. If you are carrying a bag then try to keep the colour of your shoes or heels same or similar as your bag; if not possible then go for a good combination.


All new head-wraps are a great way to accessorize your look. It is a multi-purpose band and you can use it in various alternate ways. So go ahead and buy at least one. I have bought some cool head-wraps from gonoise.com

and they are fairly reasonable.


A bit of make-up that suits your skin type will add grace to your overall look. Apply liner on your upper eyelid as well as on the lower lash line to give the illusion of full eyelashes. Apply a base cream or a primer on your face. Now take a small amount of liquid foundation and apply evenly all over your face. At last apply a dark shade lipstick of your choice according to your skin tone (I prefer Red shade). If you need to attend any official meeting then smudge your lipstick with a lip brush or blot it with a tissue paper to lighten the shade and you are all set.


Try new and different hairstyles depending on your preferences. There are many simple and easy ones in allwomenstalk.com. If you still want simple and evergreen ones then try curling your hair or you can go for beach waves, tie your hair in a bun or go for a high pony.


I am not asking you to color all of your head!! Just a bit of highlighting in any style that you like, choose a decent and trendy color of your choice. You can even streak your hair and if you want to do more experiment then try two shades in combination, gives a unique and a hot look!!


Beanie cap is a must have in your wardrobe. It is very trendy and gives you a lovely look. Above all you don’t have bother for your hairstyle and saves a lot of time..Yeah!! So for all those lazy lads out there and the ones who are worried about their unmanageable hair, beanies are the best you can shop for. I have bought two beanies from gonoise.com and they have a very affordable range, really like them.


Wear any type of accessory that you have. Be it a neck piece, a pair of earrings or rings, anklet whatever you have. If you plan to wear earrings then there is no need for a necklace. Our motive is to add a bit of new and fresh taste and not just overdoing things.


Nose piercing gives you a hot and sexy look. Go for nose rings, simple studs or colourful pins to change your appearance. It is “simple yet stylish”. Here I have mentioned nose piercing but if you are bold enough to carry then you must go for any other piercings as well.


Scarfs are extremely gorgeous to wear. Try to go for bright colors for a fascinating get-up, even a multicolored scarf for a lovely look. You can match it with your bags


Mobile Covers are great accessories that can spark up your style. You cannot change your Mobile everyday but you can change your phone covers whenever you want. Gonoise (gonoise.com) have incredible designs for every phone. You can check them out.


Nice exotic colourful frames add a unique look to your face and style. Just make a right move and buy the one which suits your face shape, then you are ready to go for a sexy change.

I am sure these tips may not sound new but we just ignore because we are a “bunch of Peppy Gals”. Buying for us is easier than thinking. So all I want to say is-be wise and think wise. Try some of these tips, save some bucks and make your parents happy.

Just try to mix and match at least two of the above tips and see a “Different You”.

My preferred combination is to use a bit of makeup and a sexy pair of shoes.

So what’s your favourite?


Originally published at allwomenstalk.com on February 19, 2016.