Notes to Self

1. The Best Teacher of Life

There are no better life lessons than the ones learnt through travel. The experiences we gather, the people we meet, the places we visit, the journeys we take, all leave us with some of best life lessons.

I learnt, respect water- during rafting, just breathe- while hiking up the steep climb with shaky legs, take it easy- every time I inhaled Goa air, the dangerously ever changing landscape of Manali-Leh highway taught me- the unpredictability of life at every turn.

Travel broadens your experiences and perspectives. Don’t miss out on this teacher, it’s the best one you will ever learn from.

2. Don’t Hoard Money & Things

Yes, it is imperative to have a certain amount of savings for ‘that rainy day’ but don’t let it stop you from spending it on living a life. Don’t increase your bank balance pyramid at the cost of a decrease in buying experiences that help you grow as a person.

Just like money, don’t hoard things for ‘that later use’. Declutter your living space. Give away those never to be used clothes, shoes, cutlery, don’t wait for last nights food to stale for few days assuming you might use, give it away while it’s still fresh and edible. Clean. Uncluttered space makes one breathe easy.

Be attached to stuff that breathes- plants, animals, humans and detached to materialistic things. Not the opposite.

3. All Strangers are Not Advantage Seekers

We have generally become weary of strangers around us. It’s necessary to be aware but not essential to be suspicious of every stranger you meet. Some of the most helpful people on road of life are the strangers we meet.

In times of no GPS, I lost my way driving home, I stopped a couple on bike to help me with directions. They told me to follow them and guided me to a known spot. The little boy in Pushkar helped me explore the sand dunes and it was his tiny hut where I had one of my memorable dinners, made by his mum. In return, they only wanted me to enjoy the meal, share their stories and not leave hungry.

Not all strangers are dangerous and not all known people are harmless. Trust your gut to make your judgement.

4. Exercise leads to a Healthy Mind & Soul

This machine called our body works just like any mechanical object. The longer you don’t put it to work, the faster it will rust.

Choose a form that you enjoy, from swimming to yoga to gym workouts to just plain simple walks.

It’s a must because there is no bigger wealth than good health! 24 hours is huge. Taking 60 minutes from it is like taking a drop from the ocean. It won’t impact the ocean but will make huge difference on your well being.

5. Pursue a Passion

There should be a strong interest which is individualistic to you. Something that when you are involved in, brings happiness to our soul.

Be it music, reading, travelling, diving, cooking, writing, soiling a tiny patch to develop a kitchen garden, anything. It doesn’t matter, what matters is the peace it brings to your heart and mind.

It should be your happy place, a place you crave for and relentlessly follow that passion to improve on your own benchmark.

To not invest in your passion is to deprive your personality from growth. Help yourself to grow, not stagnant.

6. Share Knowledge

Don’t be stingy with your experiences and learnings.

Share. You don’t lose by sharing, you only gain. What is yours will always stay with you, when you share, you give that knowledge wings to fly and with it a tag of your name. You become a ‘go to’ person for many people when they seek alternatives to their perspectives.

And somewhere along this thread, you leave a human touch which people never forget.

7. Cheer for Others

Be happy for others. It might seem tough initially because humans by nature are selfish but once it becomes a part of you, it sets your character apart from the crowd.

We can never fix ourselves by breaking others. It’s a medicine which never works but leaves side effects.

Genuinely cheer for others, it’s the best medicine to cure sleepless nights.

8. Laugh More

We take life too seriously. There is no reason for it or a cause to believe that continuous dwelling will solve all the problems that life throws at us.

If we didn’t sweat while climbing uphill, how would we feel the chill in the air which screams achievement when we reach the top?

And if we didn’t roll down, what would motivate us to climb another mountain in life?

Amidst this journey of uphill and downhill, who says you can’t have fun, who says being stressed will make it easier but it’s guaranteed that more smiles and laughter will make it simpler.

Take it easy. Laugh more. There is no situation in life that doesn’t have a funny side to it, just dig it up, each time, every time.

9. Be You

Imagine a world with similar thought processes. It would be dreadful.

We thrive on difference of opinion because it gives us a platform to showcase our intelligence and exposes us to different thinking mechanisms.

Each one of us has a unique personality and we must learn to cherish and enhance it.

Don’t compare your being with anyone because you never know what they are missing but learn and adapt qualities that add to your personality and make you a notch above your best at that point. The grass is greener where you water, choose your own garden.

10. Live a Little

Be crazy, don’t curb your dreams, live them, do quirky things, build stories which you can laugh years later. Don’t be dull and afraid to walk through tunnels of life. Make choices for yourself where your happiness begins.

Walking on paved roads don’t usually lead to breathtaking sights. Discover your own adventure and write your own life book.