The Invisible Doors

There is nothing in life that a bar of chocolate can’t solve, mum use to say.

There is nothing in life that while relishing a two hour cold water soaked maggi with double masala can’t solve, hostel bible use to say.

There is nothing in life that a mug of beer can’t solve, college and workspace use to say.

Finally, I have realised that there is nothing in life we can’t solve and that is not because of a chocolate bar or a mug made maggi or gulping litres of alcohol, it’s because there is no problem which can be bigger than life itself!

Remember that chemistry or biology lab in school?

Remember trying to do an experiment in the chemistry lab and the change of colours in the test tube while pouring liquids?

Or in the biology lab while dissecting a frog and shaky hands cutting a vein with spurge of blood all over the table?

Sometimes we got the desired colour ring and sometimes it would be all just fumes.

Sometimes, the shaky hands would cut a wrong vein and sometimes we would marvel at seeing how each organ was connected and yet individual in their own way.

Irrespective of the outcome, we kept coming back to conduct experiments.

If I think now, I have a strong feeling that the reason why laboratories existed in schools was to teach us to experiment with life:)

Something that we have slowly let fade away from our lives, making it seldom for colours to be generated or new learnings to enter our soul.

Let me give you a sneak peak into my dream life.

Like all of us, I have an image of life that I would want to lead where I could go diving and explore the beauty of the ocean, hike up the mountains to feel the breathlessness and take in the beauty that my eyes see from the top view, write a book of collection of short stories for kids as my target audience, take a year off to do voluntary work, get my own kitchen garden where I could dirty my hands in the soil, get into the corporate world to feel the adrenalin of success and failure, travel to learn and experience, etc., etc. it’s a long list! :)

But then who stopped me from experimenting my life?

No one but me. It’s a hard fact to accept but it’s true for all of us.

Think about it.

We often come in the way of who we want to be.

There is nothing or no one except ourselves who can stop us from living a life we want to.

The problem is we are constantly judging ourselves. If we tried to stop judging and just acknowledge our wants, desires, perspective, choices, then our decisions would be closer towards creating a life puzzle with thrilling outcomes.

One of the biggest blunders we humans commit is being judgemental.

It’s either we need a stamp of approval or are ready to stamp someone.

But the truth is that acknowledging without judging, often helps in opening invisible doors. It helps to see the world, people, relationships, work, life, in a new light and shows us those doors. which get hidden behind our blinders of being judgemental.

I think we all should have a vision board in our bathroom so every morning while brushing, it reminds us what we need to do that day to contribute for the vision written, so it can see the light.

Anything or anyone including ourselves, who stop us from experimenting in our lives to achieve a vision we desire are the ones who hinder our growth as an individual.

But then again it’s we who need to make that choice of letting hindrance fade the colours from life or treat it just as a problem which can be removed from the path because then we know that no problem is bigger than life itself!