Sometimes, all one need is a single light

Recently I read a book called “Hillbilly Elegy” by J. D. Vence and by the time I finished the book, I felt a shift in my thought processes.

  • Before reading the book, I used to consider that my background is not that great as compare to my peers. Though I never had any complaints and was always proud whatever I have achieved being from my beck-word background (I used to consider).
  • In this book, the author belongs to a bad family background and society culture where families are below poverty line and have abusive activities with family members and not able to cope up with drug issues. The whole society doesn’t take education seriously and ignores the power of it and stays poor. His own mother was taking drugs heavily and married many times in short time span and forced him to come & stay with her. Being financially very poor and having all the issues, this guy had just one good aspect in life having his grandparents (Papu and Maamu) who inspite of having lot of flaws as person, somewhere helped him to understand the importance of education and helped him to pursue his education.
  • This is what I used to think: I haven’t had access to good schools/tuitions. Didn’t have access to sports or other learning activities, my parents were not that rich to provide me all of these in a small village. The society was very conservative and didn’t promote girl child education and because of that, I had to face few challenges. Coming with such a background, I always felt proud where I am today though most of the credit goes to my parents and others.
  • But this book made me realize that how lucky I am to have such a wonderful background. I always had and have a good and caring family who gave me an awesome and healthy environment to enrich. I had access to education, healthcare, and good food. I was living in a well cultured, disciplined society.
  • But this is not all, the book makes you realize how things could go all against you and then you just need one light which can show you path or whenever you feel that there is no hope further makes you understand that ‘Hey, this is not the end.. see ahead, there is a path you can follow and we will see where this goes by taking one step at a time’. This light in this book for the author was his Maamu.
  • Similarly, in my life, my parents played the role of Maamu and I can relate that now. They fought for my education right with all others who were opposing. And in my understanding if everyone in life has one such Maamu, he/she can reach wherever he wants to be. So I request people who are reading this to become someone’s light or Mamu or help people understand that they need a Maamu to get out of any situation in life. There is a hope, there is a light and there is a Maamu for everyone.

Stay thoughtful, Stay hopeful, Stay focused and calm :)

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