The eco-friendly gift for the tree lover in your life.

Introducing the Kenyan eco-brand Peperuka. With their creations, they encourage healthy, conscious living by making products from natural ingredients and promoting sustainability to create a better cleaner world. Here a few reasons why a Peperuka gift card is the memorabilia you need if you live in or are visiting Kenya.

Picture from Peperuka’s Instagram

The ultimate feel-good and body positive gift.

If you are a fashion devotee, this brand needs no introduction. A Vivo Activewear gift card would make for a perfect birthday, anniversary or thank you gift. Here are 5 reasons why we think so.

Picture from Vivo Activewear’s Instagram

2. Vivo’s collections are as versatile as you want them to be. Perfect example from fashion blogger Joy Kendi.

You can never go wrong with an Adele Dejak piece.

When it comes to handmade luxury, look no further than Adele Dejak. Here are 5 points why an Adele Dejak gift card is the perfect gift.

Picture from Adele Dejak Instagram

2. Signature handbags to die for!

5 reasons why we love Suave Kenya

Like the name suggests, a Suave Kenya bag is the perfect gift for any charming, confident and elegant person you know. Just for good measure below are the reasons why we love them and why you and your loved ones should get ‘suaved’.

Picture from Suave_ke’s Instagram

2. Incorporating bright African prints and solid colors in their designs, the bags ooze undeniable African swag.

3. Amen to Unisex bags.

So, it’s Easter! And we get a 4-day break, including Saturday and Sunday. It’s a time to catch up on something different from the usual with our favorite people, and be there for a friend, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker or pet. We have some ideas on gift cards you can share and jointly experience with your loved ones.

Here’s what we recommend you do with your loved ones this Easter. If you’ll be spending it with your spouse, relax with a couple’s massage. You two can catch up on what’s new in each others life when relaxing at the Revitalize…

We all know someone whose life is hard to keep up with. They are always on the move with no permanent address. We also know that they don’t care too much about dining at the new restaurant in town or anything that appears cliché, so we are pretty sure they will love some of our new gifting options.

With SureGifts, it is now possible for you to send your adventure-seeking loved one, friend or colleague on an adventure. …

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