How To Make Remittances To Africa Without Sending Money

Let’s say you work an 8–5 job in the East London Tech City.

Let’s also say you only made it through your Master’s Degree program because of the sacrifices of your beloved family back home in Nigeria (topping this list are your Mom and the elder brother of your late Dad).

Now you’re 32, working a good job on the 6th floor of Google’s ‘Campus London’ building and your two-job days are finally over. At the end of every month, when you cut your pay check, your greatest delight is sending money home to your mother, who being past the age of 65 is retired. You also send the occasional ‘thank-you-for-stepping-in’ gift to your (now) late uncle’s elderly wife.

During your two job days, which fortunately for you were also the days when Western Union ruled supreme, you couldn’t attempt to send a kiss home not to talk of money. Now, thanks to all the forward thinking startups made solely to make your life as a man away from home easier, you can send money home soon as the thought hits you.

So on a regular, you pull out your phone and send her some money because yeah, these forward thinkers made apps too; now money gets home in 30 minutes or less.

Then you wake up one morning and horror of all horrors, CBN has been at it again and the headlines say, ‘CBN STOPS SEVERAL GLOBAL REMITTANCE COMPANIES FROM OPERATING IN NIGERIA’…but…but you haven’t sent your mother money for groceries this month. So you hang your head in anguish all the way to work.


Unless there was a way to send money to your mother without actually sending money to her; like send her what she needs? Somehow?


SureRemit is one of those forward thinking startups I talked about earlier, except we’re thinking in a different direction. We’re thinking you don’t need to send money home to help pay bills. So how, you’re wondering? Two words:

Gift Vouchers!

You can send SureRemit gift vouchers home to pay over 100 bills starting from electricity bills all the way up to grocery bills, Cable TV subscription and even insurance!

How it works

SureRemit works by grouping a number of merchants under one platform and then providing gift vouchers that are redeemable at these stores. So rather than sending money home (which is now difficult to do anyhow), you send a gift voucher. Get gift vouchers on the SureRemit app and the same value gets delivered straight to Mama’s inbox, instantly! There are no extra costs and no deductions i.e. you don’t pay for the actual service, just the value of the voucher.

How do we do it?

Well, if I told you that it wouldn’t be called a business secret, now would it? All you need to know is that we’ve worked out an agreement with the merchants; everybody goes home happy.

The SureRemit app is almost out and you can be the first to know about it. Just sign up on our site, and you can start sending instant value home soon as it’s ready. We are currently setting up operations in three African countries; Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda then maybe we’ll add a couple other African countries and make good on our claim; #SureRemittoAfrica

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