SSAYE, a blockchain based marketplace for smart living and smart cities

Smart living and Smart cities with SSAYE

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), which assesses variables related to economic, social, and environmental progress, has been stagnant for decades. The deficiencies in the current system and practices can be improved with the advanced systems and the willingness to change. In addition, the modern business dynamics are not supporting local developments, and with mergers and acquisitions the families are being relocated or loss of jobs impacting social economics. These factors have also led to higher costs, less data security, less community engagement and uncertainties.

SSAYE provides an ecosystem where individuals, communities and companies/entrepreneurs engage in secured transactions building trust in the ecosphere and enabling better financial and other social benefits. Some of the initial modules include Asset management, Energy sustainability, Social engagement and other personal services from partners. The system also provides sustainability opportunities in energy, local community development, job generation, financial stability etc. SSAYE marketplace is powered with Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain applications.

The blockchain provides the world’s first decentralized, incorruptible system for registering any financial or legal contract, so it’s already being used for multiple purposes, and new ones will gradually appear. Each computer which downloads the program acts as a notary, and all computers working simultaneously decide according to mathematical laws.

Having the opportunity of leading at Fortune 100 companies, initiating new ventures and designing large system integrations for decades, I designed this SSAYE system for the smart living and sustainable practices that can be adopted for the new economy and smart cities. SSAYE Club, a social ecosystem where the members participate to get the benefits of the marketplace by availing the services/products from the providers, and are empowered to make smart decisions and adopt sustainable practices, while making secured transactions and building legacy with community participation.

SSAYE is planning a token sale ICO in August end, and the token pre-sale is scheduled for August 25th 2017.

For more information on SSAYE, visit and the white paper is available at