I Wish Vinod Khosla Could Write A Decent Essay
Nandini Jammi

There is no either or. STEM specialists are as essential to this world as are students of humanities. Even better would be a combo of STEM and humanities. Mr. Khosla has been extremely successful and will point back to the path he took to get there to justify his view. May be he hates that way humanities were taught in the school back then (rote method). May be he is suggesting a better way to teach humanities. Wouldn’t it be great to understand the historical context to the middle-east conflict to help make a business investment decision there? Would it not be a swell idea to understand the nationalist pride of post-colonial India before trying to push a Free Basics concept?

There is never a “ later” to learn. STEM or Humanities. You get one life to live. Choose what makes you tick. Don’t expect others to follow.

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