Best 9 Trust worthy Uber, Lyft, or Sidecar Clone Scripts for Your Ride-Hailing Venture

1 .webnexs Ride Hailing :

webnexs Ride –Hailing is an uber clone taxi booking app with best ever features. It has high level Driver tracking, Auto traffic calculations, Multi location access, and customer loyalty programs. webnexs Ride-hailing develops most advanced features with special facilities. It develops extremely rich uber clone application with the following features, car search, fare estimation, car tracking, wallet payment gateways. It is one of the best user friendly uber clone script. webnexs Ride Hailing provides easy platform for both Android and Ios users. it is an easy cab platform where owner has a complete access over each and every thing from the advanced features in the admin section.

Riders and drivers:

The rider app is a user friendly best rider app with various benefits and easy controls. It eliminates the difficulties in booking cab with easy registration policy. With the auto tariff calculation facility user can calculate exact charges based on different distances. The checklist feature help to display number of booking that you have made for future booking estimations. The driver app has a feature whereas user can accept or reject the ride request it is also a very important feature available in webnexs Ride- Hailing uber clone scripts and the other important rider and driver features are listed below.

Best features of webnexs Ride Hailing essential for Riders and Drivers:

  • Easy Registration
    •Social media signup
    •Location selection
    •Driver Tracking 
    •Pre-booking cabs
    •Auto tariff calculations
    •GPS location tracking
    •Fare estimation and calculation
    •Calculations based on distance 
    •Cab availability check 
    •View scheduled pick up
    •Acceptation and Rejection Ride Request
    •Email Templates
    •PayPal integration
    •Credit/ debit card acceptance
    •RTL Text , Right to left support 
    •Facebook & twitter sharing

webnexs Ride Hailing (uber clone Script)

2. Arigya’s Taxi picker :

Arigya’s Taxi picker is one of the best clone maker from india with best uber clone script . This application a platform for both android and ios users . This application has very good features like tracking , payments, fare estimation and securities . It is a user friendly app which helps the users to book cabs with hasselfree process .

Best features of Taxi picker for Driver and Rider

•Unique sign-up 
•Social media sign up 
•Email templates 
•Car type selection 
•Car listing 
•Availability of cars 
•Payment gateway
•Confirmation settings
•Fare estimation 
•Booking history details

3. Taxi Hawk:

Taxi hawk is created and developed through click labs . Click labs is one among the best mobile app developers among the top mobile app development technology .Click labs is behind the app tehnology used by jugnoo, and an auto booking and sharing startup in india .Taxi hawk is a user friendly app created by Click labs it is created in such a way that user s well as driver can get the details of each and everything easily .The below mentioned are the top best featres of Taxi Hawk .

Top features available in Taxi Hawk

•Track the status of the cab
•Instant booking 
•Cashless payment 
•Manage profile
•Reviews and ratings
•View scheduled pick up 
•Invoices after reaching the destination
•Payment management 
•Review the driver’s statistics

4. Zoplay’suber for X:

Zoplay’s is an other taxi booking app with many benefits like live tracking , the service after riding or booking , etc . this app aprovides a flatform for accurate estimation of time as well as ride estimation . It also shows status and location of the cab it provides a safety ride by its different features listed below .

Features of zoplay’suber essential for Driver and Riders

•Live tracking features
•Post booking functions
•Promotions and referral codes
•Status and location of the cab
•Ride estimate
•Instant alert on ride status
•Auto estimate of arrival time
•Track Transactions
•Feedback for Drivers and the users
•Social login
•User wallet

5.App jasmine’s uber for taxi:

It is one of the finest taxi booking app for smart phone users . To experience the best taxi booking services this app provides a platform . This app uses IOT technologies to track cab while yourdriving , it also collects as well as transits data ,hence the user can get the details of the cab near by them . It allos real time tracking and control all aspects from the customer as well as the service provider . It also has a ETA feature which allows the user to appropriately see the exact time when user will board the car .

App jasmine’s uber features

•Real time tracking 
•Ios and android apps
•In app payments 
•Fare estimator 
•Driver Approval
•Language Translation
•Pick up 
•Ride notification

6. App Scrip’s Roadyo:

Roadyo is another taxi booking app suitable for both android and ios users . This app uses advanced coding technologies like NodeJS , MongoDB , Pubnub for web scaling .This app come with two user friendly applications one for drivers and one for passengers . This user friendly application allows user to register with their mobile number verify through confirmation code this process makes users to save time by providing automatic detail updates , so that the user need not type payment details every time .The user can spot the real time tracking, and location of the booked cab .

Important features of Roadyo for drivers and riders

•User registration 
•Store credit card details
•Refferal codes
•Spot vehicles live on map
•Trip confirmation
•Delivery flow
•Book for later 
•Boking app
•Live tracking 
•Accept o reject booking

7. Appypie’ Taxi booking App Builder:

Appie’taxi booking with a best listed features .This is a uber clone app that built for taxi booking, integrate mobile payment . This is a special app with two applications one for accepting or rejecting requests of mobile bookings and the other one is to the pasengers for booking and tracking cabs . This application is suitable for both android and ios users.

Features of Appype’ taxi booking App

•Register card
•Track driver 
•Pickup location
•Select cab type
•Fare calculator 
•Live tracking 
•Automatic payment 
•Add payment 
•Booking history

8.Uber App clone:

Uber clone is a best app designed completely with a systematic process where passenger , driver and admin can experience live feel . The uber clone app has a best live demo options which describes how user , driver as well as admin can use the application. This app also provides web manuals to simplify and reduce confusions for a smooth lively ride .

Essential fetures available in Uber App clone for driver and rider .

•Passenger web panel
•Driver web panel
•Set pickup and drop location
•Easy payment 
•Live tracking
•Checking cabs nearby
•Choose cabs
•Accept and Reject booking

9. Taxi anytime :

The taxi anytime app has different features which plays an important role in different process of booking cabs as well as viewing complete real time plans . This app helps to create and develop admin dashboard with complete planned manner . This app is user friendly which helps both drivers and the users. This app has a fully automated features the only requirement of user is to create an account with required details once it is created all transaction facilities are made easier through complete online payment process .

This fully automated app helps in tracking cabs , accept or reject request .This application is available for both ios and android users .

The best fetures available in taxi anytime

•Complete Automated facility
•Extensive admin panel
•Fare estimator
•Real time tracking 
•Cash and card payments 
•Schedule booking 
•Promo and refferals
•Driver verification 
•E-mail and SMS configuration