Time Vs You. Battle with Time.

In 2000, my grandpa advised me one of the biggest secret to beat the time.

It’s very simple yet powerful.

Many of us knows that if there is a deadline and you have very little time to accomplish the goal means you achieve it within the short period. But the same task or goal might be scheduled long ago. Did you ever noticed, how it is possible to accomplish a goal in one day(example) when it has a time period of 1 week?. So the bottom line is work pressure causing you to achieve it within one day which task has one week time, right?. Here we can come to the conclusion that, we can do it in time. My theory says you can do it by sparing extra time.

In exams too, initially it takes 30min to write an essay, but about to closing time of the exam we wrote it in 15 minutes. Right?

My grandpa asked me to do the work with same speed from the beginning which you do it in end of the time.

It’s little bit confusing statement, but I implement it in every task, begin with full potential and the results are extrordinay.

Consider a small scenario, while going to office in morning, one finishes the daily morning routine in 30min but in evening time it took 1 hour.

Yes, you can achieve anything within the target time with sparing time.

Try this one and reply me…