India is a country of countries. So many languages, different cultures, religions etc., Each state has its own traditions and beliefs. Every place has its own landscape so different from the other. But across all these boundary lines, one thing remains the same — The Patriarchy! It may vary in degree from one place to another, but the sad truth is that it exists and it rears its ugly head every time a girl or woman wants to break societal norms and do something different.

I must have been in the 2nd grade when I heard a discussion regarding groping…

For close to three decades, I lived in Bangalore, India. I was born and raised there. I must add that I lived in the same house from the time I was born, with the exception of moving from the ground floor to the first in the same building. Can I navigate the streets in Bangalore without looking up Google maps? The answer is yes! Did I feel melancholic leaving behind my family and friends in my favorite city to move to Madrid in 2016? Absolutely yes! …

Sneha Koppara

A fun-loving, wanderlusting, pluviophile and a proud book-worm!!

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