The Ultimate Guide To Choose Perfect Website Photos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right image can say more about a company, product or a service than an entire page of most brilliant prose can ever do — yet many companies fail to put forth the required time and effort to choose the best image for their website. The images that are uninspiring or bland are harmful to your business at worse.

Even if an amateur web designer uses a free website builder template, they can still add images and can grab user’s attention as it spurs them to want to know more about the company.

The actual composition of the photo itself and the technical specifications of the photo on the site are two separate aspects of photo selection. Look for the ones with crisp details, attractive composition, and defined the focal point. A bit of creative editing can make a mediocre photo a spectacular one so if you find an image you think would work, play with it a little bit to make it work. Do not sacrifice quality and go for low-resolution photos to avoid slowing the site, instead compress those photos so that they can load faster.


It might seem like a no- brainer, but website photos must be relevant to your business and should reflect the purpose and brand identity of your site. It doesn’t mean that you have to include only static product images but make the product the center of the photo.

For e.g. if you sell furniture, show a family relaxing on a high-quality couch or children playing happily. Remember that your photos speak your brand so chose the ones that convey company’s overall brand message whether it is competence, idea or something else.

  1. Photos Must Spur Users To Action

Great website photos increase conversion so look at photos as a call to action. The purpose of images should be to inspire the site visitors to make a purchase not just to fill the space. Work on making it as enticing as possible so that people can’t help but what you are selling.

Studies reveal that images which contain people can increase conversions so try to include people in as many photos you can. But be careful to avoid using the same photos that everyone else is using. People will notice the same ‘man’ showing up on every website so choose the photos which are unique and the ones who are not used all that often. Your site will look more authentic and will build a better connection with users.


Speaking of connection with users, look for website photos that project or spark an emotional response with site visitors. Consider the focus of your site — you want to convey serious work? Spur people to take action? A sense of belonging? The right image can help the site reach its aim.

However, take a time to look for every aspect of the photo and rule out those that are not 100% perfect for your site.

The images on your website should also provide information to users. Showing them in context allows the users to visualize them in their own lives. Do not be afraid to add other information or text to a photo for highlighting the key points. Use accurate statistics if you are using charts and graphs otherwise, they can create misconceptions which can harm your authority.

Choosing photos for website designing is not always easy but it’s worth putting effort and time. Keep these points in mind and your site will more likely to achieve the objectives you have set for it.

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Originally published at on May 19, 2016.