Spring slab sessions…

Back in the old days, as in spring this year, I did a trip to Ireland with teenage Aussie nutter Russell Bierke and the reprobates from O’Neill’s European team.

Simple brief: score sick surf.

Now that’s all well and good but you’re at the mercy of Mama Nature wherever you are in the world, even more so in Northern Europe.

The fates were with us and we got three days of raw, girthy slab waves before chasing ephemeral ghost swells for the next week. It was one of those rare trips that peaked early. So unusual to get good stuff straight off the bat. But I don’t mind that for future missions, just so you know Mama Nature, thank you please.

Whole trip was a blast… Even while skidding around rain slicked, mossy slabs with five grands worth of fragile camera gear just asking to be smashed.


Director/DOP/Editor: Sharpy
Water/Drone Camera Operator: Fionn Rogers
Producer: Jan Michaelis
Executive Producer: Bernhard Ritzer
Safety: Peter Conroy / Clem McInerney
Stills Photographer: Tim Nunn

With thanks to: Russell, Adrian, Peony, Nelson, Kit, Gearoid and Conor.

Russell’s last bomb wave… Photo: Tim Nunn
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