On a recent trip to China, our columnist discovered a diverse range of design and experiences away from the country’s frenetic urban centers.

anyScale transformed a three-century-old mansion in a Song Dynasty village into Wuyuan Skywells.

Red lanterns, lion dances, brilliant pyrotechnics — China’s Lunar Year celebration welcoming the Year of the Earth Pig in February drew the usual hordes to the country’s megalopolises, the largest annual human migration in the world according to Ctrip, the country’s leading provider of travel services. I’m more interested in what’s happening in China’s vast interior, however, which is opening up to a new generation of visitors.

But first, if you do find yourself in Beijing, you can still escape the masses at a couple of gems. Situated within Beijing’s Summer Palace, built in 1750, architect Jean-Michel Gathy and interior…

For his Fall Risk — a brand that forgoes convention — Targon drops a new cashmere line at the height of summer.

Fall Risk Volume 3. Photo courtesy of Dario Castillo/Fall Risk.

Starting an apparel line is risky business, but John Targon is certainly up for the challenge…again. In early 2019, the New York-based designer launched , a label that eschews standards that the industry has practiced for decades. For one, Targon doesn’t follow the seasonal fashion calendar, preferring to introduce his collections in somewhat sporadic drops he calls “volumes.” His third, , surfaced at and t as a line of cashmere waffle separates, a peculiarity during the high summer months when swimsuits and light, breathable fabrics are de rigueur.

This outside-the-box way of thinking is evidently…

Need to Know: Scott Baker and Mary Ann Hesseldenz of Baker + Hesseldenz Studio discuss their practice, their inspirations, and what a vacation home, a sofa, and lucite have to do with each other.

Scott Baker and Mary Ann Hesseldenz

Mary Ann Hesseldenz wasn’t going to let a sofa get in the way of her view. The fashion veteran had what she described as an ideal perch for viewing the Catalina Mountains from her Tucson vacation home and a perfect spot for a sofa for reading or a lounging in the window. …

Preserving the feel of its past life as a Borscht Belt–era country inn, the newcomer shows off elevated offerings like a speakeasy-style bar, modern European bistro, and A-frame cabins.

Opening Shot is a column that peeks inside new hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops with interiors to drool over.

Location: Catskills, New York

On Offer: A restored century–old farmhouse serves as the centerpiece of a sprawling property designed to entice a new generation of travelers to The Catskills. The hotel’s 75 guest rooms, many appointed with Simmons mattresses, Bower Studio lighting fixtures, and sculptural tubs by , are scattered among several unique structures including a handful of bungalows, a cluster of secluded A-frame cabins, and a retrofitted two-level pool house. The menu at the indoor-outdoor bistro is…

On what was once a set of 19th-century French railroad tracks, Ho Chi Minh City’s revamped Central Park will offer a vision of Vietnam’s architectural future and a reminder of its colonial past.

Image Courtesy LAVA

and have won a competition held by local officials in an effort to breathe new life into Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Park.

The firms will tag team on turning a dilapidated and underused park, which was fashioned from a colonial-era French railway station, into a world-class recreational space, featuring new playgrounds, sports zones, outdoor art galleries, theater pavilions, and a sunken garden, adding layers of greenery to the urban environment.

The site will also feature artificial trees which will collect and recycle rainwater to be used in watering plants, drinking fountains, and fire hydrants. Other types…

The star designer’s first offering of home goods for his Off-White brand collection brings together streetwear sensibilities and a hushed, minimal elegance.

Image Courtesy Off-White

This was pretty much inevitable. Virgil Abloh, who has a seemingly endless number of spinning on an endless number of sticks, has given us our first look at his premiere offering of home goods for his massively popular Off-White brand. Called — of course — Off-White Home, it includes an assortment of ceramic table and bath objects, towels, sheets, and more. It is neither a surprise that much of it features Off-White’s instantly recognizable arrow branding, nor is it a shocker that there’s a simple, cushy elegance to much of it. …

The Nike “Moon Shoe” is a rarity so prized, it commanded a record price at a recent Sotheby’s auction.

A pair of Nike “Moon Shoe” waffle racing flats size 12.5 netted $437,500 , breaking an all-time record for any sneaker at auction and making a very good case for becoming the most expensive trainers ever.

Crumpled and discolored — though still unworn — the Nikes from 1972 are now the property of financier and collector Miles Nadal who had for other items from the auction — a first-of-its-kind — pre-sale.

According to , the pair will soon be on display at the Dare to Dream Automobile…

From a sky-scraping trophy to off-the-ground runways, the 2019 Fentress Global Challenge winners reimagined the air travel experience in daring ways.

The winning entry by Daoru Wang/Courtesy Fentress Architects.

For its seventh Global Challenge competition, Fentress Architects received proposals for the airport of 2075 from more than 500 students from over 50 countries. In the end, the selection of winners offered a strong and unexpected message about where the air travel industry could, and perhaps should, be by the end of the century.

Lashana Lynch. Photo via 007.com

According to reports, Lynch, Lashana Lynch will be taking on the codename — the one normally associated with James Bond, the most iconic spy in film history — in the 25th installment of the Bond franchise due in theaters April 2020. It will mark the first time that a woman — and a black one at that — takes on the famous alias since moviegoers first became familiar with it 57 years ago.

From Sean Connery’s machismo to Daniel Craig’s swagger, each performer has brought their own sensibilities to 007, offering a new spin on the general public’s ideal…

Photography Courtesy of AXOR

Even for someone as accomplished and successful as Philippe Starck, a lot of things go by the wayside. Designs are lost, products are discontinued or simply fall out of favor. All in all, most of what you do — no matter how talented you are — isn’t going to stand the test of time.

But then there are the survivors and the thrivers — designs that break through the dross and keep themselves alive year after year. One such success for Starck is the eponymous line of faucets he crafted for back in 1994. Now celebrating its 25th anniversary…

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