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Cliff Beckmann from Surfactant Solutions LLC announces their product 1Solution is being marketed directly to the user

PHOENIX, AZ / Cliff Beckmann of Surfactant Solutions LLC in Phoenix, AZ, is proud to announce their new product — 1Solution. This product is being marketed by the company directly to the end-user, instead of through intermediary companies due to its success. Already in use at the Pelican Hill, Desert Mountain, and Shadow Creek golf clubs, 1Solution is proving to be both a money saver and is improving the state of greens and the fairways. This solution is also currently under study at the Oregon State University and Iowa State University, with the results expected in September 2020. …


Surfactant Solutions

Located in Phoenix Arizona we bring a combined 40+ years of turf-grass experience and a vast network of distributor options to the agronomy discipline

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