5 Ways to Have More Fun Surfing in aCrowd

Even on a crowded day, how much joy you feel your choice completely. Should you decide to focus on the negative, that is precisely you are going to feel when you’re surfing. Savor every aspect and sensation of the ride.

2. Once Upon a Time You were a Beginner, too…

And you most likely go under the skin of more than one more experienced surfer back in your day. Instead of lashing out, try offering some friendly advice on improving so that they are less likely to make the same mistake again. Try having patience — it will improve your day.

3. Not Everyone can Ride like a Pro

Deep down, we all want the same thing. We are here the ocean to experience the joy that surfing brings us. There will always be another day to ride more waves.

4. Let Go of any Sense of Entitlement

You really are not better or more deserving, just because you were born here — even if you are really that good. The ocean is for everyone to enjoy.

5. “Surfing is One of the Purest forms of Fun in the World.“

Which is why you fell in love with the the ocean. Be stoked for others who have found the same happiness you have found. Fill your session with gratitude.

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