How long will it take me to Learn Surfing

How long it will take you to learn depends on so many factors. How often you surf, your fitness level, and where you surf are the main ones. It also has a lotto do with your level of persistence, motivation and patience. You will take so many beatings, which will initially drastically exceed your gratifying moments. The more often you surf, the better you will get at it — the better you get at surfing, the less beatings you will have to take.

Surfing requires fitness in a number of ways — being in good shape makes all the difference in the world. Freestyle daily swimming and paddling training will make surfing a lot easier to learn, as well as skipping or sit ups.

Starting off with a long board, in good surfing conditions, you’ll be more likely to stand up on your first day. Long boards are very buoyant, making them perfect for beginners. It’s completely achievable to be standing up on a surfboard, in a wave, within hours, with just a lesson and no previous surfing experience!

As you gain experience in knowing exactly when and where to catch the wave, and as your paddling game improves, you will start to catch the waves and ride them without a push. In general this can take two or three additional sessions out in the ocean.

Go on, take that first lesson! You will understand the meaning of ‘stoked’ and will be well on your way to your new obsession! It’s is said that the “best surfer is the one having the most fun.” Remember, surfing is not about the destination; it’s about enjoying the journey.

It becomes easier for you when you focus on riding more waves at least twice a day. and doing this consistently.

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