Belbien: A Unique & An Attractive Surfacing Option

Do you know what Belbien is? Basically ,it’s an architectural finish and you can install the same in numerous places such as cruise ships, hotels, restaurants and casinos.

There are various patterns that you can use for complementing and substituting materials like leather, wood as well as stone; they are quite appealing. It’s a vinyl film and is quite sensitive to pressure. You can install the same on curved or flat surfaces, both outdoors as well as indoors.

The bond strength increases and hence, Belbien architectural finish is just very perfect for steel, laminates, melamine and aluminum surfaces. Given below are some benefits of using the same;

1. Fire rating

The fire rating of Belbien surface covering is very high and are tested by labs. They are a good solution for areas where high fire ratings are needed i.e. places like elevator cabs and others. So, always consider this plus point.

2. Exterior applications

You can apply this to metal, steel and glassboard surfaces or other external surfaces. The only thing is that it must be solid and smooth. There’s also an anti-corrosive layer due to which it is UV, snow and ice resistant. This is another benefit you can’t ignore.

3. Repairability and durability

It has properties of repairability and durability due to which it makes an excellent choice. Often, it is used for internal applications too wherein things of durable nature are needed for resistance are needed. These include food preparation areas and permanent markers. Also, it’s good for areas which are exposed to acetone, ethyl ketone, toluene etc. You can easily install Belbien on a non-porous, solid and smooth substrate. If the area is small, the whole strip can be removed or cam be replaced.

4. Length and width

The length and width are helpful when projects like long reception counters, tall columns and facades have to be installed. Here, no or minimal seams are needed.

5. Weight is less

The weight of Belbien is less as compared to other materials. So, it makes a good choice for elevator cabs, show exhibits as well as marble partitions.

6. Flexibility

You can easily apply it to surfaces like convex shapes or round columns. It conforms properly on wall panels or store fixtures. You can stretch it for applying it to 3D projects too. In fact, this is an excellent solution for design and architectural challenges.

7. Graphic capability

These graphic designs are very easy and are for specialized applications like reception desks, elevator doors and others.

So after considering all the benefits, you must surely go for this option. It’s a cost-friendly and a good option for all those who want a unique architectural surfacing option.

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