Surf Life Design — A new community

Hello and welcome!

Next month Surf Life Design will take one giant leap beyond Instagram and is launching a brand new concept to the world. We have been quite overwhelmed by the amazing support we have received over the last 7 months of our journey and wanted to take this vision further by creating something unique, staying well away from the concept of becoming just another surf shop! will be working with a number of hand picked, quality surf lifestyle product makers and creators who have really caught our eye recently and will be providing a resource for you to enjoy them in your own home.

How it works

Each month, SLD will showcase a separate product from each of the following categories:

SURF — Amazing surf products that are directly related to the sport we all know and love. Expect features such as unique surfboard covers, quality wax, funky combs, hand crafted fins, stylish boards you name it. We love the sport and want products that can only enhance your passion!

LIFE — A surf lifestyle is synonymous to the sport. We will be showcasing beautiful, quality lifestyle products that fit perfectly with our vision. Think handmade wooden skateboards, amazing beach umbrellas, 100% Australian felt hats. It’s going to be special.

DESIGN — You loved it, so we’re keeping it going. Photography is the crux of what we stand for, so each month will feature one of our amazing photographers offering up a small collection of their prints for sale. Bring the lifestyle you love to the walls or you home or the panels of your surf shack.

So that’s it! Pretty simple. Keep an eye out for our launch in November. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Make sure you drop your email at to be the first to know of the launch and get yourself a discount code.

For all those makers and creators out there that would like to get involved, shoots us an email on the relevant address and we’ll see if if we can make it happen.

Surf —

Life —

Design —

Now get offline and get outside into that beautiful ocean!