Want to join a startup? It’s all about timing
Rick Turoczy

Also there should be that section that says

“While you may be a great fit for this stage and be the rockstar, later you are going to have to sit back as the boring but more effective types come in. The company will get bigger and more risk averse investors will pony up larger sums. If the investors are good, they’ll also bring you some great management talent in to scale it. Very very few early folk rise up to the top and the ones who do often disproportionately get written about in the tech press creating a myth out there of startup wunderkind’s.

But so often I come across early folk who feel slighted or no longer feeling like they are part of the “band” when in reality they have two of the greatest career opportunities in front of them — Sit up straight and learn from those coming in or go start another venture.